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Motion Sickness Relief - Motion Sickness Bands

Stop Motion Sickness Without Drugs Using Motion Sickness Relief Bands
Stop motion sickness and seasickness There are few things more miserable than motion sickness. As a young girl, I suffered from motion sickness - especially in the car or on a boat. I think the sickest I have ever been was when my family and I took a trip to the Gulf Coast and decided on deep sea fishing adventure. We got caught in a surprising thunderstorm. That boat rocked and rolled until everyone on it was seasick. As children, we were too sick to be scared and quite frankly didn’t care whether we died - we felt so bad! The captain said it was the only time in his life he ever came close to being seasick. So you can imagine my family’s surprise when I became an airline hostess. And yes, I had quite a few episodes of motion sickness during my three-year stewardess experience. Today, as an almost grandma, I still get a little queasy going up and down the hills, curves, and valleys we live in, but I have found a great way to alleviate that awful nauseous feeling by using relief bands for motion sickness.
Fortunately for everyone, there is an amazing product called the Relief Band. It offers a drug-free alternative for relief of motion sickness and stops that nausea feeling from sea, altitude, or car sickness. If I know I am going on a trip that might cause motion sickness discomfort, I always take it with me. It is comfortable, I just wear it on my wrist and it works in just minutes. I like the idea that it is non-prescription and that it offers gentle nerve stimulation.
What causes motion sickness, anyway? Motion sickness is the nausea, discomfort, and fatigue that can be induced by head motion. The brain combines visual information, touch information, inner ear information, and internal expectations to determine where the body is at all times. Normally, the senses and expectations agree. However, when they do not agree, motion sickness can occur. For example riding in the car and reading. You are still with your eyes fixed on a page. The car goes over bumps, accelerates, and decelerates. Your ears disagree with your eyes and motion sickness can occur. People with inner ear problems, those who suffer from migraines, or central nervous system disorders are more susceptible to motion sickness and nausea.
Some of the things you can do to prevent motion sickness, or minimize it are: use a nerve stimulation device, sit in the front seat of the car or drive, ask for a window seat and sit in the middle of an aircraft. If you are on a ship, stay in the middle of the boat, keep your eyes on the horizon and if you are sick, face leeward (because if you lose your lunch, you don’t want it blowing back into your face!), and stay out of cramped small spaces that prevent you from seeing the horizon.
Some of the symptoms of motion sickness are pallor, breaking out in a cold sweat, upset stomach, drowsiness, fatigue, nausea and vomiting. Let’s hope you never experience the horrible feeling of motion sickness. But if you do, relief can be just one motion sickness wrist band away!

This article written by "Safe Home Sue", a product specialist for Safe Home Products®
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