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Pest Control - Get Rid Of Pests - Get Rid Of Critters

So you want to get rid of pests- get rid of skunks - get rid of squirrels - get rid of raccoons or get rid of?
Safely Remove Unwanted Pests with Pest Control Devices
Get rid of unwanted pests A pest for one person can be the delight of another. Let’s take deer, for instance. We have a lot of deer that roam around our area. It is not unusual for us to look out the kitchen window and see a huge buck or herd of does foraging for their favorite food. It is an absolute delight to watch these magnificent creatures. For others, they are a nuisance and pests that eat their azaleas and their bounty from all the hard work in their gardens. To prevent damage to vegetation you can use smell to repel unwanted pests. Garden Scent-Ry Shake Awake Deer Repellent can help with unwanted pests by controlling them, instead of eliminating them in a harmful way.
Okay, lets talk squirrels. You either love ‘em or hate ‘em. When they are sitting up so cute on the railing of our deck munching on a pinecone, they are so cute. However, when they are in the walls or the attic or devouring the seed from a freshly filled bird feeder, it is another story. We tried every conceivable safe, humane, and environmentally friendly way to get rid of them. My husband even bought a remote control car and put it on the deck. When the squirrels came up, he would turn the car on and chase the squirrels. It became a game and I don’t know who had the most fun, my husband or the squirrels. That all came to an end, however, when I got ‘behind the wheel.’ I pushed the wrong button, sent the car sailing off the deck and crashed it. So, to solve that problem, we found an easier way and use the Bird-X YardGuard Animal Repeller. It safely keeps animals away by using ultrasonic sound. It also repels cats, dogs, raccoons, armadillos, bats, skunks, deer, and other animals. It is a highly effective form of pest control without using harmful chemicals or inhumane methods. For larger areas, use the Critter Blaster Pro.
We were concerned about the squirrels or whatever was crawling and making noise in the attic, that it would chew the wires or cause damage to the wood or insulation so to deal with that problem, we installed Two Evictor Strobe Light Squirrel and Rat Repellers. The evictor also repels raccoons or any unwanted pest without using poisons or animal traps. We haven’t had a problem since using the strobe lights. Train pests to stay away using this safe and effective device.

And I don’t have to tell you how much damage a mole, shrews, armadillos or gophers can do by creating tunnels all through your beautifully manicured lawn and eating expensive landscaping plants. And they can to the damage almost overnight. It is quite disheartening to wake up in the morning and see your lawn plowed asunder by a critter doing what is natural for it to do. We just wish they wouldn’t do it in OUR yard. To prevent damage or remove the problem in a safe and humane way, install a Vibrasonic Mole Chaser. With up to a third of an acre coverage, it chases off moles, gophers, and other destructive burrowing animals by using powerful vibrations in the ground.
This article written by "Safe Home Sue", a product specialist for Safe Home Products®
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