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WATER COP: Whole House Leak Detection with Automatic Water Shut Off
Water Hound Provides Leak Detection for Water Leaks from Refrigerators, Toilets, Washers, Hot Water Heaters, etc. Water Hounds Radio to Water Cop and Shut Off the Water Valve. "Of course, the most dramatic way water gets wasted in a house is when something breaks and leaks. Each year more than five million water heaters rupture, flooding basements across the land. DynaQuip Controls' WaterCop, a small black box that attaches to the main water supply, automatically shuts off the water when it detects a leak." The Wall Street Journal, May 2002

The Wall Street Journal has featured four articles since June 2002 about homeowners insurance highlighting policy cancellations and homes being uninsurable. Two or more claims in five years, especially for water damage, and your home may have become uninsurable or have huge premiums. Uninsurable means unsellable!

Study Your Homeowners Policy: Allied/Nationwide amended our Iowa homeowner's policy with a $10,000 cap on mold and mildew mitigation. In many states, insurance companies now offer NO coverage at all for mold and mildew mitigation.

Reactive Reasons for Recent WaterCop Purchases.
  • $36,000 damage: refrigerator water dispenser water line
  • $150,000 damage: dishwasher with a slow leak
  • $10,000 damage: tube splits in 2nd story toilet tank in townhouse.
Proactive Measures for Water Damage Control:
  • Install a WaterCop with Water Hounds under/behind clothes and dishwashers, hot water heaters, water and ice dispensing refrigerators, toilets, etc.
  • Install hot water heaters and washers above the basement level in "pans."
  • Use steel reinforced water hoses for washers and dishwashers.
  • Inspect weekly for water leaks.
Shouldn't your home or office be safe from its own plumbing?

These modern conveniences frequently leak and cause water damage:
  1. Washing machines.
  2. Icemakers or water dispensers on refrigerators.
  3. Dishwashers.
  4. Hot water heaters.
  5. Toilets, sinks, bathtubs, and showers.
  6. Water softeners.
  7. Exterior spigots for watering shrubs.
  8. Lawn irrigation systems.
  9. Furnace humidifiers.
  10. NOTE: Our customers' top 3 reasons for buying WaterCops are jammed water refrigerator dispensers, dishwasher leaks and water heater leaks.
Locate Water Hound Leak Detectors Near Water Appliances Such as Washers, Dishwashers,	Water Heaters, Ice-Dispensing Refrigerators. For Best Water Leak Protection, Zone Larger Homes with Several Water Cop Valves.

Where is the main water shut-off valve? What remote water turn-off options are there if pipes or appliances leak when no one is home?
Knowing the location and operation of shut-off valves is vital. Few people install a remote water shut-off and use it when they leave home. Install a Remote Water Control Wall Switch near your exit door and turn water off whenever you choose. First install Water Cop alarm systems are electrically activated motorized shut-off valves. Then add enough WaterHounds. Immediately reduce your risk for water damage with these leak detector units on guard.

What if the leak is not noticed?

Leak detection takes more than keen eyes. Slow leaks often occur under kitchen appliances such as dishwashers. The result can be serious damage, inconvenience, and repair bills. Frozen pipes from furnace failure, power outages, or garden hoses left attached to outdoor spigots in Northern climates generate faster leaks sooner or later. WaterCops with properly positioned WaterHounds and FreezeHounds help keep damage to a minimum. Connect with a dial out monitor such as the Temperature Guard Plus or interface with a security system and you are notified of a water leak almost immediately.

Attach Freeze Hound Sensors to Water Pipes Near Entrance to Inside of Building. Guard Against Frozen Pipes.  When Temperature of Pipe Falls Below 38 Degrees F, the Water Cop Shuts Off Water. WaterCop's motorized brass ball valve unit responds almost immediately when a Water Hound or Freeze Hound transmits a radio signal indicating a water leak or low pipe temperature. The main water supply or water in the protected zone of the building is automatically shut off. Connects to alarm systems for immediate notification of water leaks. WaterHound moisture sensors are powered by batteries or AC adapters. FreezeHounds are battery operated transmitters that shut off water when the sensor on a "guarded" pipe shows temperature below 38°F.

WaterCop shows a red light for a closed valve and a green light for an open valve.

In May 2001, the WaterCop was accepted for listing by the International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials as compliant with the Uniform Plumbing Code. Meet all local plumbing codes: have a certified professional plumber install the device. Installation time is usually 1 to 2 hours.
The WaterCop Story: The WaterCop is made by one of the largest USA industrial water valve manufacturers. Development began several years ago after the manufacturer's son arrived at his dad's Southern vacation home.

  • The Plan: A relaxing vacation.
  • The Reality: Stress: dealing with insurance adjusters and contractors.
  • The Reason: House flooded.
  • The Culprits: Water heater failure and floor drain clogged(insect nests).
  • by insect nests.
  • The Vow: Never again!
  • The Result: Engineers assigned project: the WaterCop.
Facts about water leaks and water damage:
  1. Water leaks happen anytime, anywhere there are water pipes or hoses. By the time people notice a leak, water damage may already be serious.
  2. Each year, faulty plumbing (leaking and broken hoses & pipes) causes significant damage to floors, walls, ceilings, furniture, electronics, and family heirlooms of over 250,000 U. S. families.
  3. Water Hound Installed on Hot Water Heater Provides Water Leak Detection. Water Cop Inputs into Alarm Systems.
  4. Lives are disrupted by the damage, time spent getting estimates, and inconveniences caused by repairs. Often the repair requires multiple workmen (drywall, flooring, carpenters, etc.) over a period of weeks or months.
  5. Repair and replacement costs from water damage often range from thousands to tens of thousands of dollars.
  6. Each year, about 5 million water heaters rupture.
  7. Each year in the USA and Canada, washing machine hose failures cause damages of over $150 million.
  8. Leading causes of water damage are from icemakers, ruptured washing machine hoses, dishwashers, broken water pipes, and broken and frozen pipes.
  9. Some insurance companies may offer discounts to homeowners who install WaterCops for water leak detection.
WaterCops, WaterHounds, and FreezeHounds can reduce your anxiety about water damage. The WaterCop water leak detection system shuts off the incoming water supply. Alarm-interfaced WaterCops alert security system monitoring services.

click here for a manual Click here for Water Cop Manual and Installation Instructions.
Alarm-interfaced WaterCops can also connect to alarm systems or a dial-out home monitor, the Temperature Guard Plus. This device senses the internal relay closure when the water valve turns off. Dial-outs then occur to programmed phone numbers or pager numbers. WaterCop "Ready" Temperature Guard Plus unit is available. The pre-recorded message states the WaterCop valve is closed, indicating a WaterHound or FreezeHound activated.
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Installation Tips: Install just after existing shut-off valve on main water line. If shut-off is outside house or building, install WaterCop on main water line immediately after it enters the dwelling through a floor or wall. Maximum working water pressure is 125 PSIG.
Installation Time: Professional installation: one to two hours+ depending upon the individual circumstances and home design. For new dwellings, install WaterCop Ready WaterValves and add WaterCop later.
WaterCop Power Requirements: 120VAC, near to electrical outlet.
Security System Option: WaterCop is available with a low voltage interface terminal to allow wiring to alarm systems for home security or home automation control panel. A wiring diagram is included with each unit fitted with the interface terminal strip. If your security system has auxiliary outputs, contact your security system dealer/installer for interface installation.
  • Local Alarm for Moisture
  • Transmit Signals for WaterCop Activation (If WaterCop Installed)
  • For Maximum Water Leak Detection, Place A Unit Near Every Water Using Appliance.
  • Power Source: 2 AA Batteries (Not Included) or AC Power Adapter (Not Included)
  • Operational Modes: Activate WaterCop Device AND Independent Moisture Sensing Alarm
  • Alarm Intensity: Similar to Watch Alarm or Pager
  • Single Probe: One 9.75 Ft. Cord and One Transmitter/Alarm
  • Twin Probe: Two 9.75 Ft. Cords and One Transmitter/Alarm
  • Operational Distance from WaterCop: Up to 200 Feet. Frequency goes thru sheetrock and concrete. Significant metal construction may reduce range. Suggestion: test WaterCop range for water leak detection BEFORE installation.
Starter Kit Contents: WaterCop and Three Water Hounds (Single Probe) for monitoring the worst offending appliances for water damage: washing machine, hot water heater, and dishwasher.
Additional Sensors Available: WaterCop supports an unlimited number of WaterHounds for water leak detection.
Additional WaterCop Valves: "Zoned" protection for large houses or buildings.
NOTE to Contractors: Install WaterCop Ready Water Valves. Inexpensive. Add WaterCop later with a few screws.
Leak Detection Sensor Specifics:
  • Sensor probe contacts: gold-plated for reliability.
  • Frequency; 400 - 500 MHz. At trade shows, there was no interference with other FM frequencies.
  • Change communication codes: Dip switches on sensors and receivers.4 switches;48 possible codes means 48 possible zones with additional WaterCop valves.
  • Battery Life: about 1 year. Titanium batteries should last 2 years.
  • Low battery: units "chirp."
  • Manual overide for closed valve. If power fails, remove unit, turn valve stem with wrench 1/4 turn.
  • Pair an Alarm Ready WaterCop with TemperatureGuard Plus. Click here for more information. Units monitor water valve closure, power status, and temperature changes via phone or page alerts.
Warranty: One Year Manufacturer's Warranty.

ORDERING INFORMATION: WaterCop, WaterHound, FreezeHound, & Extra Components
Water Cop Water Leak Detector with 3 Hounds Inputs Into Alarm Systems for Leak Detection Notification. Water Cop Starter Kit with Alarm Interface.
Contains one (1) Automatic Water Cop (Automatic Valve, brass, with Home Security Interface) and three (3) Single Probe Water Hound Moisture Sensors. Built-in I/O port with RJ45 connection.

877-358-0900 For Quantity Discounts
click here for a manual Click here for Water Cop Manual and Installation Instructions.
Part Number Product Description Price
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Water Hound Moisture Sensors and AC Adapter
Water Cop Water Hound. Water Hound Moisture Sensors and AC Adapter

  • Two Modes: with WaterCop or Independent Local Alarms.
  • Beep until Sensors Dry Out or Batteries Fail.
  • Local Alarms: For locations like basement corners near sump pits where water may collect and water shut off is not a solution.
  • Twin Probe Sensor for under two adjacent units (ex. washer and water heater).
  • Each probe wire is 9.75 feet long.
  • AC Adapters for Current WaterHound Models with AC transformer connection.
  • Note: Current configuration does NOT allow for batteries to back up AC Adapter.
Part Number Product Description Price
SM-WH-ACA100 WaterCop AC Adapter ACA100 for Single,Twin and Freeze Sensors
Ships Within 5 Business Days (12/12/2019)
Available = 1

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Freeze Hound Temperature Sensor
Freeze Hound for the Water Cop. Automatic Water Shut Off for frozen pipes. Freeze Hound Temperature Sensor for One Pipe (Battery or with optional AC Adapter)

877-358-0900 For Quantity Discounts
Part Number Product Description Price
SM-WH-ACA100 WaterCop AC Adapter ACA100 for Single,Twin and Freeze Sensors
Ships Within 5 Business Days (12/12/2019)
Available = 1

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Water Cop Motorized Valve Only
Water Cop Valve Only, Alarm Interface for Alarm Systems.

Water Cop Valve Only (Automatic WaterCop with Brass Valve and Alarm Interface). Built-in I/O port with RJ45 connection. No Water Hound Moisture Sensors.
Part Number Product Description Price
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Remote Water Shut Off Switch for WaterCop
Remote Water Shut-Off Switch for Water Cop Water Leak Detection Alarm

Remote Water Shut Off Switch for WaterCop. Easy water shut off for hours, days, or longer. Mount in convenient location. Requires Category 5 wire (not included) for WaterCop connection. Easy to see if WaterCop Valve is Open (Green) or Closed (Red).
Part Number Product Description Price
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"WaterCop Ready" Brass Valve with Platform
Water Cop Ready Brass Valve With Platform For Mounting WaterCop Water Damage Alarm Systems Unit. "WaterCop Ready" Brass Valve with platform for WaterCop mount to actuator.
Contractors, install on "spec" homes with "WaterCop Ready" tag: add the WaterCop later. Full port valve: no reduction in water flow. NPT National Pipe Tapered)female thread. UL tested. 600 psi. This heavy duty industrial valve is also widely used for LP gas, natural gas, and fire protection system applications.
Part Number Product Description Price
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