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Electronic Deer Whistle Avoidance System for Large Trucks, Semi's, Motor Homes & Buses

Interstate Hornet V135: The Ultimate ELECTRONIC Deer Avoidance System!
Electronic Sonic Deer Avoidance system for vehicles. Protect from deer auto accidents.
Click here to review information on how The Hornet works.
  • Electronic Sonic Deer Avoidance system for semi's, large trucks and buses. Protect from deer auto accidents.
  • Color: Black
  • Sound Pressure Level: 135dB (A.S.)
  • Operating Base Frequency: 4.8 ± 0.5 kHz
  • WV Ultrasonic Wave: 18,000 to 24,000 Hz
  • Wave Carrying Length: 2,000 Ft. ±
  • Effective Range: 1,000 Ft.
  • Operating Voltage Range: 8-16 VDC
  • Current Consumption: 20mA (max.) at 12 VDC
Click here for Answers to Typical Questions about The Hornet.

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Part Number Product Description Price
SM-XP3-V135 XP3 Hornet Deer Whistle Electronic Interstate V135 for Semi, RV
Currently In Stock (2/23/2019)
Available = 5

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Questions and Answers About The Hornet Vehicle Deer Repeller
The Hornet V120, V120C & V-135 Interstate: Electronic Deer Whistle Avoidance System
for Cars, Trucks, SUV's, Motorcycles, RV's, Large Trucks & Buses

Is The Hornet a deer whistle?    No. The Hornet should not be compared with air activated deer whistles. In the lab and field testing we performed on deer whistles from 1995 to 1998, we found that air activated deer whistles require a minimum of a 48 M.P.H. air flow to produce any measurable sound level. In our opinion, air activated deer whistles have little to no effect on deterring deer/vehicle accidents.

What is The Hornet?    The Hornet is a small electrically powered sonic generator which produces a high powered V.directional sonic wave. This wave can be tracked at 1600 feet and has demonstrated the ability to alert deer and most other animals of an approaching vehicle with sufficient time and distance to avoid deer/vehicle accidents.

What is Wave Variance Tuning?    Wave Variance Tuning combines reverberation and reflection of the signal. The sound wave begins to reverberate as it travels through the barrel of The Hornet. The reverberating wave is then reflected off the road surface, creating a virtual sonic echo effect and allowing the sound wave to carry a much longer distance.

Is The Hornet ultra-sonic?    The Hornet operates at a fixed frequency of a 5,000 Hz. square wave pattern and uses Sonic Systems' exclusive Wave Variance tuning, which takes a secondary frequency to the 18,000 to 21,000 Hz. range, well within the normal human's hearing.

Can people hear The Hornet?    Most animals, including people, hear within the same frequency ranges, although some animals can hear tones several thousand hertz higher. For most people, The Hornet's output falls within the upper end of their range of hearing and is clearly audible. However, some people, primarily older people, have a narrower hearing range and may not be able to hear The Hornet.

When should I use my Hornet?    Always use The Hornet when driving in high-risk areas. Remember that deer are most active from dusk until dawn. Always drive with your headlights on in high-risk areas, stay alert and pay attention to the roadside. Be prepared to act quickly at the first sign of an animal. Blow your horn and NEVER swerve into oncoming traffic or attempt to dodge an animal by driving off the road surface.

If I install The Hornet on my vehicle, will I never hit a deer?    The Hornet is not a magical device, although it is a highly effective deterrent against deer/vehicle collisions. We estimate, using The Hornet along with driver awareness, will reduce your risk of a deer/vehicle accident by more than 70%.

The Hornet was tested on deer accident-prone police and emergency vehicles over a 3-year period with more than 6 million proven accident-free miles before it was brought to market. There are now thousands of Hornets on the road with millions more miles and not one report of a deer/vehicle accident.

Will I hear the sonic wave in my vehicle?    You will not hear The Hornet while you are driving or riding. However, you may hear The Hornet when your vehicle is stopped or you enter an enclosed parking structure such as a parking garage. The wave is very V.directional and will reflect back from any solid object.

Can The Hornet be installed on a motorcycle?    Yes. There is a special motorcycle wiring harness available for The Hornet. It consists of a wiring harness with the new weather-tight connector, control switch and inline fuse.

Will The Hornet annoy pets?    Like you, pets will be able to hear The Hornet. We recommend you turn your Hornet off while you are operating your vehicle in a confined residential area, campground, etc. Most animals, particularly non-domesticated animals, may react in some fashion to The Hornet.

Will The Hornet bother my cat or dog in the car?    Just as you cannot hear The Hornet while you are driving, neither will your animals. The Hornet's V.directional sonic wave is focused ahead of your vehicle.

Can I turn The Hornet on and off?    Yes. The Hornet comes with a toggle switch and switch plate to be mounted either underneath your dashboard or in the dash itself. We recommend using the switch so that you may turn The Hornet on when needed and off if you are in a residential area, parking garage, etc.

Why must The Hornet be pointed at the road surface?    The Hornet uses the surface of the road as a reflective plane.

Will The Hornet scare the deer away?    The Hornet will alert the animal of your approaching vehicle with sufficient time to avoid a costly collision. Deer are a highly skittish animal and will normally react to The Hornet by stopping, looking and listening to determine if they are being threatened.

Is The Hornet hard to install?    No. If you are familiar with and can use normal hand tools, you can install The Hornet in 15 minutes or less. If you are capable of mounting driving lights or installing a radio, you can easily install The Hornet.

Where do I mount The Hornet?    The Hornet may be mounted anywhere under the front side of the vehicle where it has an unobstructed, clear view of the road surface. Ideal locations include under the bumper, behind an open pattern grill, on a cross-member, on the radiator shroud, etc.

Can I mount The Hornet inside the car?    No. The Hornet is a small sonic generator that produces a very focused wave that must be projected V.directly ahead of the vehicle for maximum effectiveness. Therefore, it must be mounted outside the vehicle with a clear, unobstructed view of the road surface, facing forward and pointed at a 45-degree angle to the road surface.

If I do not wish to install The Hornet myself, where can I take it for installation?    Any car dealership, mechanical garage, or company that installs radios, CB's, fog lights, etc. can install The Hornet within a few minutes.

Will the weather affect The Hornet?    No. The Hornet is water-resistant and is not affected by normal high and low temperature conditions. However, The Hornet is not completely waterproof. If it is submerged in water, the driver circuitry can be damaged. In addition, The Hornet should be protected from any water flow, such as a high-powered water jet that may be found in a car wash.

When I have my car washed, will it affect The Hornet?    No. However, care should be taken to protect The Hornet from any water spray into the output barrel using a plastic bag or other simple cover.

What is the effective range of The Hornet?    Models S-120 and S-120C have a wave carrying length of 1,600 feet and an effective range of 700 feet. This means that deer will be aware of your oncoming vehicle 700 feet away and, under ideal conditions, will be aware of your vehicle from as far as 1,600 feet away.

What is the life expectancy of The Hornet?    The Hornet has proven to be an extremely reliable electronic device. The oldest Hornets have now been in use for five years without failure.

What is the warranty of The Hornet?    The Hornet comes with a 90-day limited manufacturer warranty and a lifetime service policy. If The Hornet fails during the warranty period, the manufacturer will replace it at no cost to you. If The Hornet fails to operate after the warranty period, the manufacturer will repair or replace The Hornet as necessary for a $15.00 service charge and a $5.00 fee for shipping and handling.

Is The Hornet effective on all animals, such as moose, cows, kangaroo, etc.?    Not necessarily. The Hornet is very effective with deer due to the fact that deer have extremely keen hearing and are very skittish animals. Deer can hear The Hornet's sonic wave up to 1,600 feet away, allowing them more than ample time to assess where the sound is coming from, determine that there is possible danger, and move away from the road surface.

Can I use The Hornet to keep deer out of my yard?    No. The Hornet is effective on a moving vehicle due to the fact that it is an unfamiliar sound to the animal and is not constant. If The Hornet is used in a fixed location, it will be effective for a short period of time until the animal becomes accustomed to the sonic wave.

Will The Hornet affect my vehicle's electrical system?    No. The Hornet uses less than 10mA of electrical power, which is less than the dome light in your vehicle.

How do I know if The Hornet is working?    Most people will be able to hear the sonic wave when The Hornet is turned on and the vehicle is stopped (with the window rolled down) or parked.

How does the new V-Series differ from the older S-Series?    The new Hornet V Models utilize the latest and most reliable electronic technology and do not require grounding to the vehicle chassis. The V Models also come with a 4’ pigtail and a 3.5mm plug which connects to a new wiring harness which is complete with an inline fuse and does not require drilling a hole in the firewall for the control switch.

What is the difference between the models of the V-120 and the V-135 interstate?    The V-120 and V-120C are 120 dB units with a wave carrying length of approximately 1,600 feet. The V-120C Model has the same specifications as the V-120 except it is triple chrome plated which makes it ideal for motorcycles and certain applications where chrome would be wanted.
The V-135 Interstate is a 135 dB unit with a wave carrying length of approximately 2,000 feet. Because of its power and range, the V-135 is designed to be used on interstate highways and rural high-risk areas.

Statistics:    Every year there are more than 1.7 million reports of automobile collision with deer. This number represents accidents where a police report has been made to verify vehicle damage or personal injury. It is estimated there are over 2 million unreported deer/vehicle accidents each year, totaling an astounding 3.7 million vehicle contacts with deer annually in the continental US. This staggering number accounts for more than a billion dollars in insurance claims annually.

In certain areas of some states, your odds of having a deer/vehicle accident may be less than 1 in 3 within a year, with average vehicle damage exceeding $2,800, plus risk of personal injury.

The Hornet Electronic Deer Avoidance System, used with driver awareness, will reduce your risk of hazardous animal/vehicle collision by more than 70%.

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