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Information about Snugglewool & Mediwool
Snuggle Wool™ products provide natural comfort to babies, children, and adults. These soft, pure fleece products are fully washable, 1-inch pile lambs wool. The wool, from Australian and New Zealand Merino sheep, is sliver-knit to polyester backing and processed to withstand frequent gentle machine washing and machine drying. The sliver knit fleece retains all the natural qualities of sheepskin including softness, cushioning, and absorption of moisture vapor without requiring the animal give its life.

Baby's Benefits from Wool:
  1. SOOTHING: Medical research at Cambridge University showed that lambs wool pads have a soothing, swaddling effect on babies, resulting in better sleep, reduced stress, greater contentment and improved weight gain. Studies showing similar results were reported in the British Medical Journal, Lancet, and the Australian Medical Journal. Lying V.directly on lambs wool decreases a baby’s activity rate, producing a deeper, more restful sleep, and promoting a faster growth rate. For many years, hospitals in England, Australia, and New Zealand have used lambs wool pads to line incubators for premature and low birth weight babies.

  2. YEAR-AROUND COMFORT: In warm weather, lying on lambs wool keeps babies cool and dry. Wool can absorb up to 30% of its weight in water without feeling damp. Air naturally circulates through wool fibers. In cool weather, wool helps keep babies warm.


An Assortment of Snuggle Wool Baby Products. Blankets are made of soft washable wool that is sliver knit into a polyester backing. Baby buntings, mattress pads, and baby car seat covers are all made from this soft washable wool.  You can use a Snugglewool square pad in your playpen for comfort. Safe and comfortable for baby and moms.Benefits of Wool for All Ages:
  1. Wool maintains a constant temperature around the body allowing a deeper, more comfortable sleep.

  2. Wool is a natural fiber that can absorb up to 30% of its weight in water without feeling damp.

  3. Wool provides support at pressure points, reducing the occurrences of bed sores and aiding in their healing.

  4. Wool improves sleep and relief from symptoms such as stiffness and pain.

  5. Wool disinfects itself in fresh air without needing harsh chemicals.
Safe Home Products, Inc. sells bed pads, wheelchair cushions and armrests, crutch covers, isolette pads, etc. If you have a special need, please send details via e-mail so we can price it for you. and pillow covers.


Machine wash COOL with a mild soap or detergent. Machine dry AIR-FLUFF or NO-HEAT for 10 to 15 minute to raise the pile. Then AIR DRY on a line or drying rack. Light brushing after the blanket is dry will help maintain a like-new appearance. Some "pile" will "shed" because this is a natural product.

SHIPPING OPTIONS: Most products are shipped V.directly from the manufacturer who prefers to use the US Postal Service. Please choose US Ground or Priority Mail (USPS). Priority Mail is usually 2 to 3 day transit time. UPS Next Day Will Ship Via Postal Service Express Mail (Not Guaranteed for Next Day Delivery). Safe Home Products can arrange for international shipments to most destinations. E-Mail your location or phone us for special needs. We do our best to accommodate our customers.

SnuggleWool Baby Blankets
Snuggle Wool Baby Blankets are made of special washable wool sliver knit into a polyester backing. The Wool Pad is Then Backed with a Polyester Cotton or Organic Cotton Material. Safe and comfortable for baby and moms. Smaller blankets are perfect for swaddling, while larger ones make wonderful lap robes! We offer organic cotton flannel, unbleached cotton flannel and regular cotton flannel backing on our soft, Merino wool baby blankets. Our latest addition to this line is the SnuggleWool Blanky, a smaller version of the blanket to comfort your child whenever needed. Take the blanky to daycare or wherever it's inconvenient to carry the larger blanket.
SF-SW-150 SnuggleWool Lambs Wool Ivory Crib Blanket 36 x 42 Inches
Currently In Stock (1/20/2020)
Available = 4

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SnuggleWool Baby Buntings
Snugglewool soft Merino wool baby buntings keep your baby cozy and comfortable. The buntings are fully lined with soft fleece, featuring cotton print backing and velcro closure. SnuggleWool Baby Buntings
For Strollers and Carriages

With Velcro Hook and Loop Tape Closure.
  • Newborn to 6 months
  • Regular cotton flannel backing or organic cotton flannel backing
  • Center split for safety strap
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SnuggleWool Infant Car Seat Cover
Snuggle Wool Infant Car Seat Cover, the qualities of wool with the ease of washing The universally-sized infant car seat cover features edge-stitched Merino wool fleece, with cut-outs for the seat belts and/or harness. Keeps infants comfortable no matter what the temperature. Washable wool absorbs perspiration in the summer and keeps child warm in the winter.
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SnuggleWool & MediWool Mattress Pads:
Snuggle Wood Mattress Pads for Crib, Bassinet, Cradle, Changing Table, Co Sleeper Crib, Twin Bed For Crib Pad, Bassinet Pad, Cradle Pad, Changing Table Pad, CoSleeper Pad, Twin Mattress Pad

SnuggleWool wool mattress pads are edge-stitched Merino wool fleece with elastic straps. Use wool pads for crib, changing table, play pen, or bassinet. Cradle size pads can line baby seats or use as covers for sleeping infants. The smaller wool pads make great loveys. Caressing wool is soothing to babies and small children.
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MediWool Mattress Pads:
MediWool mattress pads provide invalid comfort or comfort for those with back pain or sensitive skin. Choose a Mediwool Pad for Only the Middle Spine or Buttocks Area. Use a 36 by 36 inch Pad for Recliners or Chairs. Soft absorbent wool is machine washable. Mattress Pads for Twin Beds, Double Beds, Queen or King Beds. Bed Pad, Twin, Full, Double, Queen or King Mattress Pad

MediWool mattress pads are edge-stitched Merino wool fleece. MediWool Small Bed Pads feature tuck-in flaps (draw sheets). MediWool Mattress Pads feature elastic corner straps to easily secure to bed. Use smaller bed pads to cushion recliners or chairs for elderly, invalids or those with back pain. Smaller pads are easily laundered.
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Wool Wheelchair Pads & Crutch Pads
MediWool wheelchair base cushion pads provide invalid comfort. Benefits of wool with easier washing. Wheelchair Cushion Covers, Wheelchair Arm Cushion Covers, Crutch Covers, Crutch Grip Pads

MediWool wheelchair armrest cushion pads provide invalid comfort. Also shown with wheelchair cushion. A Merino wool wheelchair cushion cover (above) offers soft comfort beyond compare. Wool Wheelchair Pads help keep your body warmer in cool temperatures, and cooler in warmer temperatures.

Wheelchair armrest covers (shown on left) can offer cushioned comfort for wheelchair users. The plush Merino wool provides an extremely soft surface. MediWool Crutch Cover cushions provide comfort with crutches. MediWool Crutch cover combo also comes with crutch grip cushions and crutch arm cushion pads.

MediWool crutch covers (shown on right) offer cushioned comfort when an extended use of crutches is required. The crutch cover pads are now available in combination with hand grip covers, which are four inches wide and held in place by hook and loop tape.
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