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Safe-T-Alert Propane Natural Gas Alarm Monitor, 40-411-P, 120VAC

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Made in USA 120V Gas Alarms Safe -T-Alert 40-411-Pfor Home Safety  Alerts You of Gas Leaks

Home safety includes protect ion a gainst natural gas and propane dangers and c arbon monoxide.  Safe-T-Alert Liquid Propane Gas Alarm and Natural Gas Alarms,  40-411-P are important if you heat home or water, have a gas fireplace or cook with propane or natural gas. Propane gas and natural gas leaks can cause explosions or fires.  Methane gas from sump pits or nearby waste disposal sites can also explo de . 85 decibel alarm in th is electronic gas detector reacts only to gas build ups with potential danger. Install a gas alarm near every gas using appliance. A Safe-T-Alert Propane Gas Alarm and Natural Gas Alarm Model STA-40-411-P just plugs into an AC outlet .

Made in the USA, the Safety Alert combustible gas monitor mounts with screws or velcro.  120V AC natural gas and propane gas detector sounds an alarm when gas fumes build to much less than a dangerous level. The 65 inch cord makes mounting easier.
Propane safety requires a propane gas detector mounted near the floor where heavier propane gas can collect. LP gas or propane furnaces in basements are more dangerous than natural gas as fumes collect near pilot lights at floor levels. A spark from a propane furnace or a propane water heater pilot light can set off an explosion or fire . This combustible gas sensor trips at less then 25% of the lowest explosive limit for natural gas, propane gas and butane.

Note: Carbon monoxide alarms will not detect a raw gas leak. The sensor in CO alarms is specific only to CO.

Safe-T-Alert 40-411 Gas Alarm Features:
  • InteleCheck Circuit: No false alarms from momentary exposure to propane gas, natural gas, aerosol cleaners, hair spray and other flammable gases. An 8 second double-check circuit distinguishes a gas leak from a momentary gas exposure.
  • Long Life, Self Cleaning Sensor: Maintenance free built-in sensor. Combustible gas sensor trips at less then 25% of the lower explosive limit for natural gas, propane gas and butane.
  • Loud 85dB Alarm: Alerts for presence of a potentially dangerous gas leak.
  • Test/Reset Button: Allows you to silence alarm temporarily during ventilation. Tests all detector functions with one touch. No dangerous gas required for these tests. NOTE: This is a white bar located on the left side of the alarm in the middle section.
  • Installation: Attach to wall with two screws. "Plug-it-in" installation. Cannot be hardwired into 120VAC. The wall transformer is required to convert the 120VAC into 12VDC.
  • Micro Current Technology: Wall transformer (120VAC to 12VDC) consumes only 3.8 watts of energy, which is about US $3.00 per year to operate.
  • 65 inch Gas Alarm Cord: Allows you to mount the gas monitor near the gas source for more accurate detection. Propane gas is heavier than air. Mount this gas alarm within 4 to 20 inches of the floor to protect against propane gas leaks. Methane gas (natural gas) is lighter than air. Mount the detector within 6 inches from the ceiling or on the ceiling at least 12 inches from a wall.
  • Approval: UL listed as a "Single Station Propane/Methane Detector" to 1484 requirements. Use this propane gas alarm or natural gas alarm for residential and unconditioned areas. Unconditioned areas include garages, boiler/furnace rooms, warehouses, barns, offices, etc.
  • Warning: Install carbon monoxide alarms in homes and businesses burning fossil fuels like coal, wood, etc. for heat or cooking. Combustible gas alarms do not detect carbon monoxide that can cause suffocation or brain damage. Safe Home Products ® sells passive card carbon monoxide monitors and 9 volt battery operated, 120 VAC, and 12V DC carbon monoxide alarms.
  • Warranty: Note: The Date Stamped on each Detector is the Date of Manufacture. Each unit has a 10 year shelf life. The Warranty is 1 year and begins from the date of resale.  Units have a 5 year life. Units automatically shut down 5 years after plugged into wall. Contact MTI directly for warranty related questions.
    IMPORTANT: This combustible gas alarm detects only raw gas fumes. To prevent carbon monoxide poisoning, install a carbon monoxide alarm to protect against faulty exhaust systems, gas heaters, ranges, etc. We sell 12V CO alarms and 9V battery operated carbon monoxide monitors.
    Replace units after 5 years.
  • Detector case dimensions: 5.5"W x 3"H x 1"D
  • Manufacturer: MTI Industries.
  • Note: UL 1484 listed combustible gas detectors are not detectors for minute gas leaks. Sensors and detectors are tested in a combustible gas environment and meet the UL 1484 standards for alerts of dangerous gas levels. Deliberate exposure to natural gas, butane, propane, etc. can destroy the sensor in this unit. Use the test button to test this unit, not exposure to raw gas.
  • NOTE: Carbon monoxide alarm sensors cannot detect raw gas leaks. To be protected, most homes need both carbon monoxide alarms and raw gas alarms.
  • Why do I need a combustible gas detector/gas alarm?
    • No matter how good your nose is, you may not be in the right place at the right time to notice a natural gas or propane leak.
    • Carbon monoxide alarms give NO protection against combustible gas leaks. carbon monoxide sensors detect only carbon monoxide, not raw fuel.
    • Turning off a light, setting a security alarm or closing a door spark a gas explosion or fire. Natural gas leaking from a basement furnace can leak upstairs through hollow walls.
    • Gas can leak into homes via sump pits, inbound water lines or a natural gas well under your home.
    • Each gas appliance is a potential source of a gas leak. Each gas appliance needs its own gas detector.
    • Note: Add an electrical outlet if needed to install the Safe-T-Alert combustible gas alarm correctly. Mount 4 to 20 inches above the floor for propane leak protection . Mount within 6 inches of the ceiling or on the ceiling at least 12 inches from a wall for natural gas leak protection .

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