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Motion Sickness
An FDA OVER-THE-COUNTER (OTC) Class II Medical Device, the ReliefBand® is approved for treatment of nausea/vomiting associated with motion sickness.

The ReliefBand® 'watch' is a drug-free remedy for Motion Sickness (sea sickness, air sickness, car sickness, amusement rides). Use with periodic applications of conductivity gel to maximize effectiveness at lowest powers.

(Note on Morning Sickness: The Relief Band OB Model, which was FDA approved for pregnancy morning sickness treatment without a prescription is NO LONGER AVAILABLE.  Note: While some of our customers report success with the ReliefBand for morning sickness, we cannot recommend its use for morning sickness as the present model is not FDA approved to remedy morning sickness.)

Relief Band Helps Control Nausea and Vomiting due to Motion Sickness, and Chemotherapy Nausea. Learning to fly an airplane is less stressful when you know you won't get airsick. Apply Reliefband Conductive Gel Every 3 to 4 Hours or When Area Feels Dry.
Diagram on right shows a graphic representation of the operation of the ReliefBand®.

Medication-Free ReliefBands® Mean:
  • Drug-Free: Feel Energized, Not Drowsy. "Legal" for Pilots
  • Works in Minutes: Relief begins quickly.
  • No Restrictions On Food or Beverages: Works in Minutes.
  • Use Before or After Symptoms Begin.
  • No Restrictions On Use of Other Medications.
  • Water-Resistant. How the Relief Band Works!
  • You Can Feel it Working!

WORKS ELECTRONICALLY: Wear the Relief Band Device like a sports watch on the underside of the wrist. Emits gentle electrical stimulation which interferes with nerves that cause motion sickness nausea. Five stimulation levels work when facing discomfort of nausea, air sickness, sea sickness, etc.

ReliefBand Diagram Explains How to Change Power Settings and Turn Relief Band On and Off to Control Motion Sickness.

CONVENIENT:/i> Drug-Free -- no headache, no drowsiness, no dizziness, no medication side effects. Use before or after nausea symptoms begin. No food, beverage or medication restrictions. A vital aviation pilot supply to keep passengers and student pilots comfortable during rough air. Use in flight simulator training during unusual attitude training.

USER CONTROLLED: The User controls the level and duration of relief. Feel the stimulation in your hand helping to control motion sickness.

B>Motion Sickness and the ReliefBand®:
  • What is Motion Sickness?
    Motion sickness is a progressive condition that begins with mild nausea, escalates to sweating and discomfort, and ultimately results in severe and continued vomiting.
  • Why Does Motion Sickness Occur?
    The brain is sent conflicting messages by unusual patterns of motion such as caused by the pitching and rolling of a boat at sea. The brain becomes "confused" as to where the body is "in space." Nausea, dizziness, and vertigo often result. For example, when reading a book in a moving car, your eyes see the pages while your inner ear and skin receptors detect the motion of the car.
  • What Does the ReliefBand® Do?
    An activated watch-sized Relief Band device worn on the inside of the wrist electrically stimulates the median nerve. This acupuncture point is referred to as Pericardium 6 or the Neiguan point. The Relief Band's stimulation signals the brain to have the stomach resume normal rhythms. ReliefBand Operates with A Single, Easy to Use, Push Button to Control Nausea of Motion Sickness. Pilots and Their Passengers Can Wear on Wrists and Activate During Training Flights or Rough Air.
  • How Effective is The ReliefBand®?
    Studies show the Relief Band is as effective as the best medication in preventing or controlling motion sickenss. For best results, apply thin layer of Reliefband conductivity gel, activate the ReliefBand® 10 minutes or more before starting activity. Usually relief takes 15 to 30 minutes if symptoms have begun.
  • You feel the ReliefBand® working.
    Use as needed at one of five stimulation levels..
ReliefBand® Extra Supplies: Conductivity Gel and Batteries
Conductivity Gel Is Required for Best Results with Reliefband Control of Nausea and Vomiting. ReliefBand Adventurer and Relief Band Explorer Use Two CR 2025 Batteries at a Time to Control Motion Sickness and Morning Sickness. An Extended Use Kit for Reusable Relief Bands Includes Two Batteries and One Tube of Conductive Gel.
Part Number Product Description Price
HH-RB-Batteries Relief Band CR-2025 Batteries, 2 Units
Currently In Stock (11/15/2019)

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Customer Testimonials
E-mail from a ReliefBand user about his fun at Adventureland, a Des Moines Amusement Park!

Date: September 2, 2000

[Dear Safe Home Products:]

I just got the chance to use [my ReliefBand] today.  It was nothing short of miraculous! I took my son and daughter to Adventureland today. You know those rides that go around and around in little circles that the kids love, but the parents puke at the thought of?  Well, I rode with my kids with NO ill effects whatsoever! The first time I used it was on the balloon ride. If you've never been there, it's a harmless looking ride that takes you up and around in circles. (Kind of like the "swing" carnival type ride). Well, last year I tried that ride, and got very dizzy about 10 seconds into the ride. I remember trying to not move my head, and focusing on a single point in the car, because if I hadn't I would've lost it!  After the ride, my nausea lasted for more than an hour. THIS year, I had the ReliefBand on (set at 1 1/2)  and had NO problem at ALL!  While we were spinning around in circles in the air, I was waving to my wife on the ground, shaking my head, looking up and down, lowering my head to talk to my short TRYING to make myself sick, and it didn't happen.

I had so much fun today re-acquainting myself with all the rides I used to love when I was a kid but didn't ride anymore because of dizziness: the Himalaya, Scrambler, etc. Guess what? They ARE fun when you don't get sick!!

[K.H. from Western Iowa]

November 2001: Email to Safe Home Products from a Happy "Cruiser"


I just returned from a five day cruise (my first) out of Tampa into the Western Caribbean and wanted to tell you about the experience I had with the relief band.

A little history first. I have always been the type of person who got car sick as a child, could never read in a car as an adult, and I still have a hard time sitting in the back seat of a moving car without feeling a little nauseous. As for rides at theme parks--forget about it!

So it was with a little trepidation that I agreed to go on a cruise with our church group. I figured I would be wearing a patch or taking Dramamine or eating candied ginger, or SOMETHING, but I also thought there would be times I did not feel good.

Not long ago, I was reading an article about a device that gave cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy and radiation treatments relief from nausea. And the article said that such a device was available for other forms of nausea, without a prescription.

I did a search online with, and found your site selling relief bands. I decided to buy the adventurer style, as I wanted something that I could use as long as I wanted, without worrying about running out of time. The reusable feature convinced me.

I told lots of people about my attempt to avoid motion sickness and many listeners expressing skepticism. Boy were they wrong. I bet I have told and shown at least 100 people about this wonderful item while on the cruise and since returning home. I wore it all the time on my wrist, but only turned it on when I felt it was needed, and never had it on more than level 3. I enjoyed my trip thoroughly.

At one point, when we were returning from a shore excursion on a small boat, we were experiencing rough water. Several people jumped up and ran outside about 15 minutes into the trip, and then the crew started passing around the "barf" bags. My partner and I were just fine with our relief bands on! We just smiled and pointed to our wrists. We had lots of inquiries after that ride!

So I hope you sell 100s more, I'm a big fan and have given your web site address to MANY people. Thank you for providing the product!

Sincerely, C. L. F.

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