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MedReady Medication Dispenser (P1500)
MedReady Medicine Alarm Has 4 Alarms and 28 Pill Cups. Medicine Organizer Helps You Take Your Pills On Time. This Pill Dispenser is designed for those with necessary, rigorous or complex medication regimens or those with compliance issues.

MedReady™ Key Features:
  • Large 1/2" L.E.D. displays the time and aids setting alarms.
  • Audible alarm can be set up to 4 times a day:
    • "Time for medicine" alarm beeps 5 seconds on, 1 second off continuously until the medication door is slid open and the "off" position is activated.
    • Note: Disabling alarm requires the medication door to be slid open.
    • Programmable alarm sounds for 30, 45, 60, or 250 minutes, as user selects.
    • Powerful Alarm sounds similiar in tone and volumne to a beeping microwave alarm but alarms on for 5 seconds and off for one second until disabled.
    • Audible Alarm is 90dB, 2800-3000 Hz. (P1404 is a lower frequency).
    Pill Dispenser with Alarm. MedReady Medicine Alarm Has 4 Alarms and 28 Pill Cups. Medicine Organizer Helps You Take Your Pills On Time.
  • Only the most recent medication dose is available. Pill tray rotates to the next dose when the next audible alarm sounds. If a patient misses a dose, the pill dispenser denies access to the second dose.
  • MedReady™ holds 28 doses of dry medication such as pills or capsules.
    • 4 Doses a day for 7 days
    • 3 Doses a day for 9 days
    • 2 Doses a day for 14 days
    • 1 Dose a day for 28 days
  • Alarm in pill dispenser is as easy to set as a digital clock.
  • Safe & Secure: Medication is under lock and key, not just a latch. MedReady is tamper-proof to provide maximum security.
  • Removable trays permit off-site loading by licensed personnel or family members. Trays are 11" in diameter. Spare trays with transport covers are available to allow a swift "swap-out" of empty trays. MedReady Medicine Alarm Has 4 Alarms and 28 Pill Cups. Medicine Organizer Helps You Take Your Pills On Time.
  • Pill compartments are designed to fit adult fingers and "ramped" for easy removal of medication.
  • Compartment divisions keep medications in place even if the unit is turned upside-down.
  • Keep MedReady plugged into electric power. The 72 hour rechargeable battery back-up operates for travel or for power failures. MedReady™ easily adapts to mobile 12-volt usage in autos and motor homes.
  • The MedReady should not be used in wet or very damp environments. Use in an environment suitable for the medications stored.
  • MedReady™ can provide custom radio-frequency output circuit boards to activate sending units in personal alert systems.
Click here For MedReady Medication Dispenser Instructions for Use.

MedReady Medication Dispenser Alarm Includes:
  • 1 Pill Dispenser with 1 pill tray. Each pill compartment is 1" x 1/2" x 3/4". Holds up to 4-5 vitamin sized pills; 10 Tylenol Capselettes).
  • 2 Emergency Information Cards
  • 1 AC adapter (120v, 60Hz)
  • 1 Rechargeable NiMH Battery Pack
  • 2 Color Coded Guides
  • 2 Keys (extra keys available for purchase below).
  • Instructions
  • 1 Year Limited Manufacturer's Warranty
OPTIONS FOR MedReady Medication Dispenser P1500:
  1. P5310: Extra Pill Tray with clear plastic lid. Preload an additional tray for convenience.
  2. P1405: Alarm With Flashing Light for hearing impaired. Audible alarm PLUS Flashing Light.
  3. P1404: Lower Frequency Alarm P1500LF which seems louder for those loosing high frequency hearing.
  4. P1450 Remote Monitoring P1550: Includes 1 telephone cable connector plus Basic MedReady Pill Organizer
  5. P1550FL Remote Monitoring PLUS Flashing Light P1550FL: Includes 1 telephone cable connector plus Basic MedReady Pill Organizer
    • Simply plug the added telephone cable connector from the Med Ready unit to the phone line.
    • Interfaces with phone connection of MedReady. Patient only needs phone line. Caregiver needs computer to access secure website to review actual medication patient accessed.
    • Monthly service plan ($16.00/month). First 2 months FREE!
    • Calls up to 3 phone numbers if medicine dose is not taken.
    • Click here for more detailed information about MedReady with Monitoring.
Part Number Product Description Price
HH-MR-P5310 MedReady Medication Tray & Plastic Cover (5310)
Currently In Stock (2/22/2020)
Available = 1

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How to Use MedReady Medication Dispenser (P1400)
Buy a second pill box tray with 28 trays to set up extra medicine storage. Works with MedReady. Loading Medication:
  1. To open, unlock lid with key. Note: key cannot be removed in the unlocked position. Rrotate the lid counterclockwise slightly and lift off lid. Plug AC adapter into wall socket and the unit. Press test button. Tray rotates and alarm sounds. Slide the "T" bar forward to the "X" to shut off the alarm.
  2. Insert medication for each dosage in 28 of the 29 cups of the removable tray. First cup is left empty as the marker, the first cup at the dispensing bay when MedReady is activated. Distribute medications in a counterclockwise V.direction as the tray rotates clockwise. Use included filling ring to make filling easier. Medicine Tray holds up to 28 doses of Medicine for daily medicine needs, whether once a day, twice or 4 doses daily. MedReady Medicine Alarm Has 4 Alarms and 28 Pill Cups. Medicine Organizer Helps You Take Your Pills On Time.
  3. Or remove tray from pill dispenser and fill cups. After following the instructions in step B above, place the tray with the empty cup to the right of the of the "T" bar. Press the test button to ensure the blank is in the displayed position and again slide the "T" bar forward to the "X" position to stop the alarm from sounding. Repeat until empty cup is in the dispensing bay position. Install lid so that empty cup shows when the slide is moved.
Setting Time of Day: Medicine Tray holds up to 28 doses of Medicine for daily medicine needs, whether once a day, twice or 4 doses daily. MedReady Medicine Alarm Has 4 Alarms and 28 Pill Cups. Medicine Organizer Helps You Take Your Pills On Time.
  1. Set time of day: Press and hold down the TIME button with one finger while another finger presses the HOUR button until correct hour shows.
  2. Continue to hold the TIME button down while setting minutes with the MIN button.
  3. Keep the TIME button down as you select AM or PM.
  4. PM hour when a single bright dot shows to the upper right of the clock. AM hour is identified when no dot appears.
  5. The clock’s time sets when the TIME button is released.
Setting Dispensing Time: Setting the alarms is similar to setting a digital clock.
  1. Up to 4 alarms can be set in any 24 hour period. To set the first alarm press and hold down the Alarm 1 button. Keep the Alarm 1 button down while another finger advances first the HOUR and then MIN buttons.
  2. Press AM-PM to set an AM or PM time.
  3. Repeat these steps for setting alarms 2 through 4 for the next three deliveries of oral medication if needed.
  4. Review times set in this pill dispenser by pressing the individual alarm buttons. Remember: an alarm is set when the light above the alarm button is on. Press the alarm button to set/unset an alarm. For instance, if you have a two-times-a-day regimen, there are two lit lights above the alarm buttons.
Pill box timer with lock and alarm. MedReady Medicine Alarm Has 4 Alarms and 28 Pill Cups. Medicine Organizer Helps You Take Your Pills On Time. Locking the Lid: After pill dispenser is set up, replace the lid over the tray. Rotate it slightly clockwise to latch. Lock lid of pill box in place with the key. Remove the key.

Important Points:
  1. Power supply: Use AC power supply. Back-up batteries are for short-term power outages and short term traveling. When you arrive at your destination, plug pill dispenser into AC wall outlet.
  2. Checking the Alarm: To check the power supply and ensure that MedReady is functioning, remove the lid and press the ALARM TEST button. The alarm sounds until the "T" bar is slid up to the "X." The tray will advance forward when the pill dispenser is tested.

Highlights of MedReady with Remote Monitoring (P1450)
Highlights of MedReady with Remote Monitoring:
  • Internet reporting: The modem updates website data every 24 hours. Website report includes the medication alarm time and the medication taken time, up to four times. Also the website records any occurrences of the non-compliance. Noncompliance includes medication not taken, unit jam or AC power failure greater than 24 hours. This is an inexpensive way for a non resident caregiver to track a user’s record. Data can be downloaded and transferred or printed.
  • Multi-user record keeping: Website can batch any combination of users in a report allowing an overseeing nurse access to the data. A password is assigned to each master and or sub-master client on the list. list. The whole user list of the master or sub-master is displayed or a single user is displayed as a function of telephone # or a last name.
  • Individual Non-compliance Calling: If the user does not take medicine, the website places a to the user, first. The person answering the phone can enter a code (#1) to indicate that it is a false alarm. This is recorded in real time.
  • Caregiver Notification: If the correct code is not given, the website calls the caregiver # assigned as the out emergency number. Again this is recorded in real time. The website also notifies the caregiver the day before the medication runs out.
  • Ease of setup: The Medready is set up as normal with Battery and AC power. The phone line(s) is (are) plugged in. To activate the unit, press two alarm buttons in sequence which tells the modem to access the website. Upon access the serial number is registered and assigned a position. The client then either calls or accesses the website listing the pertinent data for the user and master listing.
  • Easy to update caregiver's phone number: To change an assigned caregiver #, access or the website. After the master code and user phone number is given, the caregiver # can be changed.
  • Click here for MedReady Remote Monitoring (P1450) Questions & Answers.

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