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Lentek Mosquito Trap Guardian MK12: Get Rid of Mosquitoes in Yard
Lentek Mosquito Trap Guardian MK12: Get Rid of Mosquitoes in Yard. Protect your entire family from disease-carrying mosquitoes with the Lentek Mosquito Trap Guardian.
Lentek Mosquito Trap Guardian: Effective Mosquito Trap Product that private homeowners can use.

Protect your entire family from disease-carrying mosquitoes with the Lentek Mosquito Trap Guardian. This mosquito death trap uses all of the proven mosquito attractants to draw the annoying, harmful insects away from where you gather. Easy-to-assemble and weatherproof, a powerful enough unit to cover a full acre of land. The Guardian requires a 20-pound propane tank, not included. Eliminate mosquitoes and control deadly viral diseases carried by mosquitoes and other flies with Lentek Mosquito Control Products without harmful pesticides.

The Lentek MK12 Mosquito Trap Guardian utilizes the documented attractiveness of carbon dioxide (CO2), moisture, body temperature (thermal imaging), color, shape and airflow in an effective design that captures and kills mosquitoes. Universities, state monitoring programs, and researchers around the world have been using similar traps for years. The Lentek MK12 Mosquito Trap uses this traditional trapping approach, combined with the latest in research, to turn the female mosquitoes natural hunting techniques toward seeking out the trap and facilitating capture.

To achieve the best results from your Lentek MK12 Mosquito Trap Guardian, leave it in operation full-time during the mosquito season. The trap is not meant for occasional use, such as during an outdoor party.

Lentek Mosquito Trap is effective against mosquitoes, no see-ums and other blood-seeking insects.

Lentek Mosquito Traps is a leader in the Mosquito Control Industry offering great features like 1-acre coverage and easy assembly. The propane lasts up to 6 weeks of continuous use. The Lentek Mosquito Trap attracts mosquitoes like a magnet without harmful sprays and chemicals.


Up to 40 ft away, a female mosquito senses the CO2 and moisture coming from the unit's burner. This tells the mosquito that there is a "breathing" creature around. It flies towards the source of CO2 and moisture. At a range of around 15 ft, the female mosquito starts to sense temperature similar to that of a living creature (thermal imaging). The unique design of the MK-12 has three different thermal-imaging systems:
  1. Static thermal imaging, where in the body of the trap, there is warmth at the top surfaces of the "neck" similar to that of living beings. This temperature is constant and generates consistent heat waves that attract the mosquitoes closer to trap.
  2. Spot thermal imaging: The black dome-like surface of the trap is warmed up at different points to be similar to living being's temperatures. Live beings do not have a consistent temperature across the body. The mosquitoes think that this variation of temperatures is a live animal.
  3. Dynamic thermal imaging: The heaters inside the trap turn on and off constantly to send a movement-like signal to the mosquito. This incites it's hunting instincts. Once the mosquito senses this temperature variation at the black surface, it will try to land on top of it because it "thinks" the warm spots are bloodstream veins of a living creature. This top area of the Trap is covered by a vacuum airflow from the internal fan. This pulls the mosquitoes into the trap in a swirl-flow motion due to the unique design of the internal trap components. The vacuum airflow flows into the Catch Receptacle, where the mosquitoes stay trapped until they dehydrate and die.
MK12 Lentek Guardian Mosquito Trap Features:
  • Tank not included.
  • Simple assembly. No tools required.
  • Rear mounted wheels make for convenient portability.
  • Requires the use of an approved, outdoor-use power cord for a 120 volt AC outlet.
  • Outdoor use only.
  • Primary attractant: Propane conversion to CO2.
  • Burner unit generates CO2.
  • Mosquito Trap body genterates "moving heat".
  • Powerful vacuum fan pulls mosquitoes in and traps them.
  • Controlled moisture release.
  • Temperature (Thermal Imaging).
  • Exclusive blue light lure attracts biting insects.
  • Outdoor wheels and lock down system for new portability.
  • Protected capture cup.
  • Lighter Weight: 50% less than our 2003 models.
  • Durable plastic construction.
  • Dimension: 35" x 22" x 11".
  • Coverage: 1 acre maximum.
  • Propane life: 4 weeks of constant use.
  • Power Input: 120V AC 60 Hz, 71W.
  • Power Output: 12V AC @ 4200 mA
  • UL Listed.
  • 1 year limited manufacturer's warranty.
Lentek Mosquito Trap Propane Tank Cover FITS Lentek Mosquito Trap Guardian MK12: Get Rid of Mosquitoes in Yard. Protect your entire family from disease-carrying mosquitoes with the Lentek Mosquito Trap Guardian. Cover for Propane Tank: Mosquito Trap Propane Tank Cover is available separately to enhance the durability and look of your mosquito trap. This weather resistant propane tank cover dresses up the tank, while helping to minimize the corrosion and protect against weather damage.

Lentek Mosquito Trap Propane Tank Cover Features:
  • Made of durable outdoor cotton-based, weather resistant material.
  • Machine washable in cold water, looks great!
  • Designed with sewn-in velcro strips for quick and easy wrap-around installation.
  • Fits any standard 20 lb. propane tank.
  • Mosquito trap propane tank cover offers a limited one year warranty.
Capture Bag for Lentek Mosquito Trap: Replacement Capture Bag FITS Lentek Mosquito Trap Guardian MK12: Get Rid of Mosquitoes in Yard. Protect your entire family from disease-carrying mosquitoes with the Lentek Mosquito Trap Guardian. The capture bag was developed to satisfy the consumers desire to monitor the catch in their backyards. This high quality nylon bag helps you place the Mosquito Guardian Trap in the ideal location, giving you the premium location for maximum mosquito catch.

Lentek Mosquito Trap Replacement Capture Bag Features:
  • Durable mosquito netting fabric sewn into Mosquito Trap's unique capture ring.
  • Traps mosquitoes and other blood-seeking insects until they dehydrate for safe and easy disposal.
  • Holds thousands of captured insects.
  • Quick and easy to empty.
  • Fits both Lentek's Mosquito Trap and Mosquito Trap III.
  • Mosquito Facts: About 800 dead mosquitoes equal 1 tablespoon. One ounce equals over 65,000 dead mosquitoes!
  • One year warranty.
Octenol mosquito attractant FITS Lentek Mosquito Trap Guardian MK12: Get Rid of Mosquitoes in Yard. Protect your entire family from disease-carrying mosquitoes with the Lentek Mosquito Trap Guardian. Octenol Mosquito Attractant (1-octen-3-ol) is a naturally occurring by-product that comes from plants and some animals, such as oxen and cows, that ingest large amounts of vegetable matter. Studies have shown that Octenol Mosquito Attractant, when combined with carbon dioxide, is highly attractive to many species of mosquitoes, no-see-ums, and biting midges. American Biophysics offers Octenol Mosquito Attractant, which when used in conjunction with carbon dioxide, enhances catch rates for the Mosquito Magnet.

Our research shows that Octenol Mosquito Attractant can increase the catch rates of no-see-ums by 3 to 4 times. Please note: The cartridge which contains the Mosquito Attractant will not dissolve, but the Octenol Mosquito Attractant will evaporate and no longer be effective after 21 days. Be sure to replace attractant according to instructions. Package of 2 should last up to 42 days. Octenol consists of a wax blend (to hold the consistency in the cartridge) with 1-Octen-3-ol (alcohol based fragrance).

Instructions for Octenol Mosquito Attractant:

  1. Cut foil pack open with scissors.
  2. Carefully reomove Octenol Mosquito Attractant Cartridge.
  3. Connect "S" hook to cartridge.
  4. Connect other side of "S" hook to Mosquito Trap Magnet.
  5. Wash hands thoroughly after installing Octenol Attractant. Please see package for cautions and further instructions.
click here for a manual Click here for FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS & HOW TO USE the Lentek Mosquito Trap Guardian MK12
Part Number Product Price
LK-MK12 Bite Shield(TM) Mosquito Trap Guardian MK12FE
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