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Water Purification - Gravity Feed Water Filters

Protect Yourself Even In Emergency Situations:
Hurricanes, Floods, Home Emergencies, Natural Disasters

Gravity Feed Ceramic Water Purifier Provides Drinkable Water for Emergencies, Camping, or at Home or Office. GS2: Gravity Water Filter. Capacity 2 Gallons.
Travel Size Gravity Water Purifier for drinkable water GS1: Travel Water Filter. Capacity 24 Ounces.
Travel Size Gravity Water Filters for drinkable water anywhere you travel Portable Sports Bottle Water Filter. Capacity 22 Ounces.

Gravity Feed Water Filter Model GS2 to Clean, Purify and Filter Water
Gravity Feed Water Filters Use Doulton Ceramic Filters to Filter Raw Water Into Potable, Drinking Water. Use as Travel Water Filters or in Emergencies. Protect yourself and your family during natural or man-made disasters or while traveling in areas where quality of water is questionable. Add to your emergency supply kit.

When main water supply is unavailable, Gravity Feed water filters produce safe drinkable water from any raw water source (stream, lake, unfiltered water). Use during earth quakes, floods, or other emergency situations. Add to your disaster preparedness supplies. Use when traveling in RV's or when camping. Quick assembly: nests for easy transportation.

To use, fill the top container with raw water. (Even clear and apparently fresh water may be polluted with disease causing pathogens.) Draw off filtered water from the lower container spout. Filtered water is ready to use for drinking, cooking, rinsing, etc. Capacity is hundreds of gallons of filtered drinking water before filters need changed. (Quality of water being filtered dictates when filters need cleaned or replaced.)

The gravity water filter unit uses ceramic microfiltration to protect you from dirt, rust sediment and waterborne diseases caused by bacteria and parasites. Also the unit uses granular carbon to reduce chlorine, bad taste and odor and chemical contaminants.
  • Gravity water filters consist of two canisters. The top container is filled with intrigue water which filters through two ceramic elements. Safe, filtered water collects in the lower chamber where the spigot is located. Draw off the water via the spigot and enjoy.
  • Two ceramic candles filter water to help reduce harmful bacteria, cysts, chlorine, taste, odor, herbicides and pesticides.
  • This High Tech Ceramic Filter System has silver baked into ceramic to inhibit bacterial growth. The ceramic protects the carbon inside from breeding bacteria, a problem with standard carbon filters.
  • Compact, portable and simple to operate.
  • Note: The first supply of filtered water should be thrown away, as it may contain a loose material wash from the filter elements.
  • Clean filters by scrubbing the outer surface under running water with ScotchBright pad. NEVER use soap or detergent to clean the filter elements.
  • No Water Pressure or Pumping Required.
  • The Gravity Feed Filters reduce parasites, bacteria, chlorine, dirt, sediment, turbidity, bad taste & odor.
  • Click here to view Certifications and Testing.
  • Absolute filtration efficiency to 0.9 microns.
  • Cleanable ceramic filters with granular activated carbon (GAC), just brush off dirt and sediment lightly.
  • Lightweight and easy to assemble.
  • Portable, may be used as a travel filter.
  • GP2 Gravity Feed Water Filters hold up to two gallons of water at a time. It takes approximately 3 hours for 2 gallons to run through the filter. When 2/3 down it may be topped off. After water is filtered, remove filtered water for storage in another container. Up to 12 gallons may be filtered daily.
  • High Grade Stainless Steel Housing.
  • Recommendation: replace ceramic filters at a maximum of 600 gallons or 6 months which ever comes first. If source water is high in sediment and dirt, frequent cleaning of filters will extend filter life.
  • Specifications:
    • Number of Doulton Ceramic Filters: 2.
    • Output in gallons/24 hours: 8-12. (1/2 gallon per hour).
    • Top Capacity: 2 gallons raw water.
    • Bottom Capacity: 2 gallons filtered water.
    • Dimensions: 19 1/2" High x 8 1/4" Diameter.
    • One Year Limited Manufacturers Warranty.
Gravity Feed Water Purifiers:
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CWR Travel Water Filters Model GS1 - to Clean, Filter and Purify Water
Gravity Feed Travel Water Filte Uses Ceramic Filter to Supply Drinkable Water Where Ever You Are Traveling Enjoy Clean, Safe Water Anywhere In The World.

The latest technology provides safe drinking water for you and your family.

Travel anywhere in the world and feel confident about the water you're drinking. This new travel size pour through filter contains the world class Doulton ceramic filter to purify any source water. Compact, only 10" high, light weight, this stainless steel unit comes with a nylon travel pouch.

Doulton Ceramic microfiltration is used worldwide to provide protection against waterborne disease and produce safe drinking water. The ultrafine ceramic cartridge used in the CWR Travel Filter will remove >99.99% of parasites and cysts. Bacteria, bad taste, odor, sediment, dirt, chlorine, chemicals, & turbidity are also significantly reduced.

The CWR Travel Water Filter Features:

  • Pour water from any source into the top container & in a few minutes, you'll have safe, clean, better tasting water.
  • Use in hotels, RV's, boats, camping, natural or weather disasters. Travel or home use.
  • Lightweight, compact (nests to 7 1/2"x 3 1/4" for easy transport.
  • The ceramic filter is cleanable, to extend the life of the filter
  • Silver baked into ceramic filter element helps inhibit the growth of bacteria>/li>
  • Ceramic filter lasts for approximately 2,000 gallons between filter changes.
  • For intermittent filter use: Clean, dry thoroughly,then store. Filter may last several years.
  • Comes with a nylon travel pouch
Gravity Feed Travel Water Filters supply filtered drinking water from raw water. May be used as travel water filters.

The CWR Travel Water Purifier Technical Features:

  • Click here to view Certifications and Testing.
  • Removes parasites, cryptosporidium and giardia >99.99%
  • Absolute filtration efficiency at 0.9 microns - 99.999%
  • For particles sized 0.5 - 0.8 microns the reduction is >99.9%
  • Silver baked into ceramic inhibits the growth of bacteria
  • Reduces turbidity greater than 99.69%
  • Reduces chlorine, bad taste & odor
  • Doulton Ceramic Filter Element: One 7" Ceramic Candle with Granular Activated Carbon (GAC).
  • Output/30 minutes: 8 oz.
  • Top/Bottom Capacity: 28 oz. / 24 oz.
  • Dimensions: 10" High x 3 1/4" Diameter.
  • Nested Dimensions: 7 1/2" High x 3 1/4" Diameter.
  • One Year Limited Manufacturers Warranty.

Gravity Feed Water Purifiers:
Part Number Product Description Price
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Power Sports Bottle Water Filter - Portable Water Filters
Gravity Feed Portable Sports Bottle Water Filter Supplies Filtered Drinking Water from Raw Water. Uses Advanced Micropore Filter. Use as Travel or Emergency Water Filter. Add to your Emergency Supply Box. Clean, safe and great tasting water wherever you are. Use any water source from home, work, restaurants, fountains, lakes or streams.

This light weight fliter bottle uses an advanced microporous bacteriostatic carbon block to eliminate a wide range of water pollutants. The bottle can be refilled producing an equivalent of hundreds of dollars worth of bottled water. The filter is replaceable.

Benefits and Advantages of Sports Power Water Filter Bottle:

  • Saves money. Eliminates the need to buy expensive bottled water of questionable quality.
  • Simple to use. No pumping required. Just fill with any water source.
  • Bottle holds 22 oz. of water. Made from non-leachable plastic.
  • With municipal water, the filter bottle can be reused approximately 160 times.
  • Can be used in the gym, hiking, biking, running, camping, golfing, restaurants, car trips and domestic and international travel. Add to your emergency supply or disaster supply kit.
  • Removes lead and heavy metals, chlorine, industrial chemicals, dirt, other contaminates, and bad taste.
  • Eliminates parasites like cryptosporidium and giardia, and bacteria like E.Coli by 99.99%.
  • Laboratory tested by State and EPA accreditied laboratories to meet EPA & ANSI/NSF (snd 53) protocol and requirements.
  • Not intended for use with salt water. Do not allow unit to freeze.
  • Filter has a shelf life of 50 years.
  • Six (6) month limited manufacturer's warranty.
Portable Sports Bottle Water Purifiers:
Part Number Product Description Price
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Certifications and Testing of Doulton Ceramic Water Filters

Certifications and Testing

  • The ceramic filter element has been tested in accordance with and meets NSF Standards 42 & 53
  • Meets ISO 9002 Quality Standards
  • Independently tested by: Water Research Council (WRC) & University of Arizona for Parasite Reduction, Spectrum Labs, Claire Microbiological
  • Independently tested to reduce the following parasites and pathogenic bacteria.
    • Escherichia Coli: >99.99%
    • Klebsiella: >99.99%
    • Cholera: >99.99%
    • Salmonella: >99.99%
    • Giardia Lamblia: >99.99%
    • Cryptosporidium: >99.99%

Certain states such as California, Iowa, and Wisconsin prohibit health claims as a matter of state law. Such claims not in compliance are hereby withdrawn. The information within this website does not imply, or indicate, signify, or suggest that your drinking water contains harmful contaminants. Contamination can only be determined through testing by your local water supplier. Nor does the information imply, indicate, signify or suggest that water treatment devices are an acceptable permanent alternative to central water treatment by your supplier.

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