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Visual Scare Devices
Get rid of pigeons using Terror Eyes. Bird control without chemicals. Terror Eyes : Bird Control with A Large Orange Ball
Gator Guards your pond against pest birds. Scares off many small animals, too. Gator Guard : Floating Alligator Head Scares Off Birds & Small Animals
Irri-tape rattles in breeze. Noise and flashing tape acts as bird deterrent to repel pest birds. Holographic Irri-Tape : Reflecting Light & Metallic Sounds Scare Off Birds
Prowler Owl controls bird problems by scaring birds away. This bird deterrent looks real when breeze moves it. Prowler Owl : Flapping Wings of Predator Owl Scares Off Birds & Small Animals
Pulsating strope light gets rid of birds without poison. Bird-Lite : Intense Pulsating Multi-Colored Strobe Scares Bird Pests
Pest Repellers for Birds, Animals, Rats, Insects and more. Sonic and ultrasonic animal control devices and bird pest repellers. More Pest Repeller Products:
Click Here for Bird Repel and Animal Control Devices
Pest Repellers for Birds, Animals, Mosquitoes, Insects and more. Carry many Animal Control Devices and bird pest repellers. More Pest Repeller Products:
Click Here for Bird Repel and Animal Control Devices
Bird control by keeping birds from roosting, landing and nesting. Eliminate bird problems permanently. Roost Inhibitors:
Bird Spikes, Bird Netting, Bird Proof and Bird Shield Bird Repellents
Scare animals out of yard using these animal repellers from BirdX. Animal Repellers: YardGard, Transonic CIX (formerly Transonic IX-L) & MoGo
Sonic animal repellers, goose repellers and bird repellers to get rid of pest birds and pest animals. Sonic Repellers: Critter Blaster, Goose Buster, Bird Peller PRO & Broadband PRO
Ultrasonic bird repellers for semi-enclosed and enclosed spaces. Industrial Ultrasonic Repellers:
Quadblaster 4 (QB-4) for Birds, Bats, Mice & Rats and
Ultroson X Outdoor Bird Repeller

BX-T-EYES - Terror Eyes

"Moving Eye" vinyl inflatable predator frightens bird gangs away!

BirdX Terror Eyes. This visual scare device is a large orange balloon that moves in the wind to scare away bird pests. Frightens birds away - Inexpensively. This bird deterrent has scary 3D eyes move forward and sideways as birds fly by, representing a constantly watchful predator to which birds do not acclimate. Ideal for all types of outdoor problem areas including roofs, loading dock or hangar doors, parking lots, fields, marinas, pools and patios.

Huge 2-foot hanging ball has menacing, moving eyes on front and back that strike fear in birds!


Lenticular eyes produce holographic effects, constantly moving and changing as if they are "following" infesting birds, pest birds and help solve pigeon problems. Made of brilliantly colored heavy duty vinyl; scientifically designed from extensive experience and research on predator and bird behavior.

  • Remove nests and clean infested areas.
  • Inflate Terror-Eyes to 85%.
  • Increase random motion of Terror-Eyes by reinforcing coil spring (provided) with strong twine slightly longer. This helps prevent distortion of the spring.
  • Suspend from a rope. In windy areas, use loop on bottom of unit to anchor below unit.
  • Locate Terror-Eyes near roosting birds with good line-of-sight to infested areas.
  • When installing two or more units, suspend at difference heights, a minimum of one unit diameter apart.
  • Occasionally relocate units to prevent birds from becoming used to Terror-Eyes.
  • Use vinyl bonding agent to easily repair punctures.
NASA uses Terror Eyes orange balls to scare birds away. Bird control without	dangerous pesticides.
Use in such places as:
  • Parking lots
  • Airports
  • Granaries
  • Highway & Bridge Underpasses
  • Building Roofs
  • Marinas
  • Homes
  • Feed Lots & Farm Fields
  • Gardens, Orchards & Vineyards
  • Goverment agencies such as NASA use Terror-Eyes. (See Picture Above on Right)
  • Non Returnable.
3-D EYES MOVE FORWARD AND SIDEWAYS FOLLOWING BIRDS AS THEY FLY AWAY. Hanging spring and air currents do the rest ... resembling a totally realistic and scary predator!

NOTE: ALL bird control methods prove more effective when different types of scare devices are used in combination. Products include light and sound repellers, roost inhibitors and visual scare devices.
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ES-BX-GG - Gator Guard

Floating Alligator Head Replica!

BirdX Gator Guard is a  Visual Scare Device that Scares Birds and Small Animal Pests from Ponds and Pools. Control Bird Pests Without Poisons. Realistic, Unassuming and Permanent! Life-sized floating replica of an alligator head, 25 threatening inches long, scares geese, ducks, fish-eating birds and small animals from the water areas they love, without spoiling the look of your property.

THIS WORKS BECAUSE IT MOVES! Stationary owls don't work. But Gator Guard moves and bounces all around the pond with the wind and water. And the mirrored-back eyes flash in the sun. The birds think they are being followed, so they can't acclimate to a fixed pattern.

Environmentally Friendly . . . Universal Solution:
Can be anchored. Perfect for any water area infested by birds:
¨ fish and shrimp farms Scare off birds from ponds with the Gator head from Bird X
¨ golf courses or park districts
¨ ponds and pools
¨ condominium, school or industrial park lakes
¨ koi ponds and more.

  • Geese
  • Ducks
  • Cormorants
  • Egrets
  • Heron
  • Small Animals
  • And MORE!
"Last year we had 30 geese leaving their calling cards ... We floated a Gator Guard ... After three weeks we had no fowl on our property."
B. Lebanon, MD
"My members thought it was a joke to start with, but it does work. We haven't had a goose on the property since we put them in."
Rob F., Shelby Oaks Golf Course, Sidney

  • Dimensions: 25" long x 11" wide x 7" tall.
  • Shipping Weight: 4 pounds.
  • Coverage: To 1 acre (0.4 hectares) depending on size, shape, surroundings of area.
  • Material: Durable, weather-proofed urethane foam with UV protected coating.
  • Non Returnable.
Part Number Product Description Price
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BX-TAPE - Holographic Irri-Tape (100 or 500 Feet)

Irri-Tape iridescent diffraction foil combines holography, wind and light
to irritate pest birds' senses creating an "off limits" zone against them.

Irri-Tape flashes and creates rippling noise to get rid of birds using visual and sound. Started with a proven idea: the scarecrow. Then by using Space Age technology and materials to produce a new wrinkle on that age-old concept. The Result: A lightweight, durable, maintenance-free bird repelling product so versatile it keeps suggesting new and effective applications.

How does it work?

Irri-Tape's properties keep unwanted birds away in several ways:

Visual Deterrent: Light reflected from the surface shows in a 3D, highly chromatic ripple pattern which is seen as a menace for birds. With constantly changing colors and patterns, Irri-Tape is a danger signal to birds.. This brilliant, flashing "ripple effect" is picked up by the Whether seen as a predator (from a distance Irri-Tape has a reptilian sheen) or a rival for food or space, birds will not ignore this potential menace.

Hostile Sound Environment: Slight breeze or wind produces fierce metallic noise that unsettles infesting birds.

Irri-Tape keeps birds from landing on roofs and trees by scaring pest birds. Physical Barrier: Applied in a line along a ledge, fence or other narrow surface, Irri-Tape cuts off access to birds' "landing strips".

Possibilities and uses are virtually limitless. Irri-Tape will deal efficiently with the nastiest bird problems without harming either the environmentor or the the birds. (In fact we'd like to hear about new solutions from you.)

Install wherever infestation exists. Wind and light will do the rest.

For rooflines, fences and other linear applications: Suspend Irri-Tape above roosting surfaces with the specially designed wire supports provided. For added effectiveness attach 5' streamers to the main ribbon. Other applications include: railings, copings, ledges, gutters, sills, beams and scaffolding. Also effective in eliminating "runways", those places birds land before going on to broader areas such as roofs, open fields, etc.

For open outdoor areas: "maypole" six to ten eight-foot lengths of Irri-Tape by tying them to the top of any upright post.

Use Irri-Tape in a garden to help control bird pests. For farms or gardens: Irri-Tape has many applications for protecting crops from bird damage. Spiral it around free standing trees from top to bottom. Or suspend it over vines and around row plantings. Protect entire garden areas by hanging Irri-Tape from 6' to 8' poles to form high row deterrents.

Marine Applications (against sea gulls, etc.): On yachts, secure ribbon to forestay about 3 feet above the deck. Suspend line taut to shrouds and backstay.

Other applications: Keep ducks and geese off of lawns and ponds where they aren't wanted, or keep predator birds away from fish farm ponds.

Irri-Tape is a ribbon of polyester film that has been holographically printed with a pattern of interlocking circles resembling the eyes of owls, the natural enemy of most small birds. The 3-dimensional UV-light-treated holographic surface reflects the colors of the spectrum with laser-like intensity.

Irri-Tape Specifications:
  • Composition: Polyester Film
  • Thickness: 2 mil
  • Width: 2 Inches
  • Lengths: 100 and 500 feet rolls
  • Non Returnable.
Part Number Product Description Price
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BX-OWL - Prowler Owl by Bird X

Scare pest birds away "naturally"!

Bird X Prowler Owl is a realistic owl with moving wings that helps with bird control by scaring off birds.
Don't be fooled by imitations that just "sit" there. Without movement, they are useless!

The Prowler Owl is:
  • On the Hunt: An always moving "hunting" posture never allows birds to get used to it. The Prowler Owl never just appears to perch.
  • Search & Destroy Mission: To rid your area of bothersome birds.
  • Life-Like & Effective: Most realistic predator on the market with life size accurate markings. Spans nearly 4 feet with patented flapping wings.
  • Ultimate Aerial Predator: Great Horned Owl: the most-feared predator catches and eats almost anything that moves, including pigeons, starlings, geese, rodents, rabbits, squirrels and even skunks.
  • Tireless: Perfect patrol for gardens, parks, golf courses, marinas, rooftops and open areas. Set it up anywhere -- the breeze and its natural appearance take care of the rest!
  • Wingspan: 44"; Total head-to-tail: 28"; Head diameter: 7"
  • Heavy Duty Materials: Head is hard resin plastic, body is strong-weave iron hide fabric supported by woven flexible cables and riveted plastic struts.
  • Includes: Head, wings, and body.
  • Weight: 2 lbs.
  • Mount: Place neck opening on a 1/2" diameter pole (not included).
  • Non Returnable.
Part Number Product Description Price
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BX-BSL - Bird-Lite

Repel Pigeons And Other Bird Pests with Pulsing Strobe Explosions

BirdX Bird-Lite uses pulsating strobe explosions to get rid of birds. Bird control without using poisons. Bird-Lite: Multi-Color Stroboscopic Bird-Lite from Bird-X chases birds off your property and keeps them away. Bird-Lite sends out intimidating, intense white, red, blue and amber light at 75 flashes per minute.

One-million-candlepower light pulses (and the frightening shadows they create) at this frequency are intolerable and disorienting to birds, causing them to fly away from the source of annoyance. When installed at heights where pest birds normally roost and nest, Bird-Lite is barely noticeable to workers at ground level.

Cover up to 10,000 sq.ft. per Bird-Lite in factories, warehouses, hangars, granaries or any large, dark or dimly-lit area where birds create a nuisance.

Join hundreds of America's best known firms who have solved their indoor bird problems easily and economically!

  • Ideal for use in any dark or dimly-lit building where lights and shadows will be most visible and effective.
  • Effective against pigeons, sparrows, starlings, swallows, crows, blackbirds and more.
  • Coverage: Up to 10,000 sq ft, covers 55 ft radius (circular area) from base. Ambient light decreases effectiveness.
  • Diameter: 8"
  • Height: 7 1/2"
  • Power: 110 vAC (220 vAC for foreign use)
  • Shipping Weight: 5 lbs.
Part Number Product Description Price
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