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The non-toxic and humane addition to your pest control program. Many household pests hear sounds far above the hearing range of humans - the ultrasonic range. Weitech’s products emit ultrasonic (some units emit ultrasonic and sonic) sound waves that help repel targeted pests from the protected area. Independent laboratory tests have shown that Weitech’s products produce the highest sound output (decibels) over the broadest frequency range (hertz) of any of the competitive products tested.

Weitech pest control products are continuously generating sound (100% duty cycle) and are constantly sweeping or modulating the sounds being generated. This is called our Variable Frequency Technology which makes Weitech the technological pest control leader in our industry.

Weitch Model 0540, PestX Pest repeller uses high frequency sounds to bother pest rodents and get rid insects.
Weitech Electronic Pest Repeller Frequency Graph Readings taken at half a meter. Data provided by Rhein Tech Laboratories, Inc., 2001.

Weitech conducts independent laboratory and field tests on the effectiveness of our products against various pests. We usually conduct these tests using common species of a given pest (for example the House mouse, the Norway rat, the German cockroach, and the Cat flea). These scientific tests and field evaluations indicate that Weitech's proprietary ultrasonic technology impacts the behavior of certain common rodents, spiders and insects. Ongoing studies are being conducted to determine other pests that are affected by our products and to verify test results that are still preliminary.
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Frequently Asked Questions about Weitech Pest Control

Q. Should I be able to hear any sound from this unit?
A. People with good high frequency hearing may hear some of the sounds.

Q. Will the ultrasonic sound penetrate through walls or flooring?
A. No. The ultrasonic frequencies do not go through solid objects. Ultrasound will ricochet off of solid surfaces and tend to be absorbed by soft surfaces, such as a sofa or drapes.

Q. How many units do I need?
A. Depending on which Weitech unit you are using, you may need more than one unit for larger rooms. Since ultrasound will not penetrate through walls, ceilings or floors, you will need another unit for each room or separate living area that has a pest problem.

Q. How long will the unit be effective?
A. Weitech has been manufacturing electronic pest control products for 13 years. We have many customers that have reported positive results with their units for many years. All of our scientific studies are by necessity conducted over a relatively short period of time, so we do not have scientific evidence on how long each unit will continue to be effective. Over time, it is possible that certain pests may become used to the ultrasonic sounds and may return to their nesting or feeding areas (although we do not have any evidence to suggest that this is the case). There are no moving parts within the unit, so it should last for many years.

Q. Is this unit the answer to all of my pest control problems?
A. Since many factors can affect pest control results, we recommend using our products in conjunction with good pest control management practices. Use the product continuously and make sure that the sound is not blocked by any furniture. Put all food away and clean up any crumbs or spills. Food will always be a strong attractant to pests even in the presence of an ultrasonic repellent. Repair any openings that provide access into the area you are trying to protect.

Q. What kind of scientific tests were conducted on the products?
A. We have conducted tests that document both the complexity of the sound output of our units (they have the highest sound output over the broadest frequency range of any competitive products that were tested) and the efficacy of our products in repelling certain common household pests. These tests on the effectiveness of the units have all been performed by university level independent testing laboratories. These tests have mostly been done in Plexiglas enclosures in a laboratory, but some have been field tests. The results of these laboratory tests show that a statistically significant percentage of the targeted pests can be repelled from the enclosure protected by the sound from our units into an adjoining enclosure where no ultrasonic sound is present.

Q. Will the ultrasonic sound emitted from the unit harm my pet?
A. We have not received any reports of household pets such as dogs, cats, birds and fish being harmed by our products. Pet mice, gerbils, hamsters, guinea pigs, hedge hogs, ferrets, and tarantulas should be kept away from the unit.

Q. Will the unit interfere with or damage electronic devices such as computers, televisions, or audio products?
A. No.

Q. What is the cost of operation?
A. 25 to 30 cents per month depending on the cost of electricity in your area.

Q. Do the products emit any harmful electro-magnetic (E.M.) radiation?
A. No.

Q. What about poison bait, mouse traps and glue traps?
A. Household pests will consider traps and poison an easily accessible source of food and they can potentially draw more pests into the area. We recommend removing any such food sources prior to using our units.

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Why Sounds Repel Insects and Rodents
Since the beginning of his existence, man has utilized sounds to repel other living thins in order to protect himself, his family and his environment. Sound, in order to be a deterrent, is dependent upon hearing, and like man, most animal species have sophisticated hearing capabilities.

Humans are capable of "hearing" sound generally in the frequency range of 10 Hertz(Hz) to 15,00 Hz; many animal species can hear sounds up to 100,000 Hz. Many small insects, rodents, bats and mammals communicate at these very high (ultrasonic) frequencies.
  • Rodents have well developed auditory systems much like humans.
  • Bats have even more complex and sensitive hearing systems.
  • Crickets, grasshoppers and cicadas have tympanic organs in openings on their forelegs which "hear" in high frequency sounds.
  • Moths have tiny ears on their thorax which detect the high frequency emissions that bats use to find and capture insects.
  • Cockroaches have "hair sensillae" that react to ultrasonic vibrations.
  • Mosquitoes have clusters of sound sensing hairs on their antennae.
  • Wasps, spiders, beetles and bees have "chordontonal" or tympanic membranes that sense ultrasonic vibrations.
  • Fleas, ticks and flies do not hear, but ultrasonic vibrations apparently put pressure on their nervous systems, causing immobility.
About Fleas: Fleas are an awesome adversary. Pets are primarily responsible for flea infestations, since fleas live on your pet, in their bedding, carpets and furniture and in the summer, your lawns. Fleas reach maturity in less than 3 months. They are most active in warm weather and climates. They can live several weeks without food and a pair of mating fleas can have several hundred thousand offspring in just nine months.

Fleas communicate by using high frequency sound to stake out territorial boundaries. Weitech Pest Repellers effectively jam those communications causing catalepsy or disorientation. They will drop off pets and bury themselves in carpets where they will eventually die. Vacuum carpets often. Put moth balls or flea powder in the vacuum bag to kill vacuumed up fleas. Use these pest repellers when grooming your pet for added flea control. Allow four weeks for results. Place unit(s) 1-6 feet above floor level in rooms where pets spend most of their time. Continually use Weitech Pest Repellers to control fleas.

About Spiders and Flying Insects: Unlike more advanced animal forms with complex hearing organs, insects and spiders respond to sonic and ultrasonic sound waves through antennae, wings, body hairs, and rudimentary eardrums. These mechanical vibrations trigger neural impulses to cause behavioral modification. This affects food consumption, reproduction, communication and other biological factors. Pests eventually leave, because of the abnormal environment in which they are exposed.

Flying insects are seasonal pests both indoors and outdoors. Exposure to Weitech Pest Repellers confuse and mesmerize them.

Weitech Pest Repellers work best against web-spinning spiders as the ultrasonic sound waves appear to confuse them. They are unable to determine if prey has been caught in their web.

About Bats: Bats navigate by using the inherent sonar. Weitech Pest Repellers ultrasonic frequencies will effectively "jam" the bats sonar, causing confusion and disorientation. They will not be able to tolerate this "noise" and generally leave within a few days. For best results, keep the pest repellers running from late night through dawn in order to let the bats out at dusk, yet prohibit them from returning. Repeat this for at least one week, then keep Weitech Pest Repellers running all night to keep the bats away permanently.

About Rodents: Mice and rats are creatures of habit following consistent routines and living in social groups. They prefer to prowl and eat at night but if hungry enough venture out during the day. Rodents seldom travel more than 150 feet from their nest. Weitech pest repellers disrupt their living patterns forcing them to change their habits and move.

Rodents hearing is extremely sensitive to both sonic and low ultrasonic noises. Place Weitech pest repellers where rodents are most active, turning unit toward walls or other hard surfaces to ricochet and compound the sounds. Run the rodent pest repeller 24 hours a day for 5 to 14 days in order get results.

  • Ultrasonic sound waves CANNOT travel through walls.
  • Ultrasonic sounds diminish rapidly and are easily absorbed by soft materials, such as furniture and carpets.
  • Medium and loud sonic noises will carry farther, but these sound can be irritating to people.
  • Sounds travel faster in warm air than in cold air.
  • Moisture or humidity in the air significantly reduces the speed of sound (especially high frequency sound). Humidity levels above 85% reduce the sound pressure levels making all ultrasonic pest repellers less effective in high humidity.
  • Hard surfaces that are irregular or multi-sided will serve to deflect and disperse ultrasonic waves.
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