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Homemade Animal Repellent Ideas - Use "Smell to Repel" Animals
  • Ammonia
    Household ammonia used full-strength is inexpensive and available in food stores. We recommend you try ammonia first.
  • Bleach
    Some people report that laundry bleach used full-strength is especially effective in repelling cats.
  • Deodorant Soap
    Strong smelling deodorant soaps have been reported as effective in repelling deer and other animals. But be sure to hang the GARDEN SCENT-ry - groundhogs and other rodents may eat the soap if they can get to it. Cut the soap into pieces and place in the reservoir. You might want to add a small amount of water.
  • Dog Hair - Cat Hair - Human Hair
    Reports on the effectiveness of hair (from any animal) vary. In some instances we are told that hair was used with total satisfaction. Other people tell us it does not work at all. Pet groomers , hair salons and barber shops will usually give you as much hair as you want. You might want to add a small amount of water when filling the reservoir with hair.
  • Liquid Oil-Based Soap
    Use full strength. Pour directly into the reservoir. We suggest you put a piece of paper towel, a rag, or sponge material in the reservoir prior to filling.
  • Mothballs
    Place directly in the reservoir. Fill to the top.
  • Unique Home-Spun Concoctions and some "Silly Solutions'
    ... my Grandmother once told me about..." Parts of fish or egg yolks. Smelly old clothing or pieces from old leather shoes or shoe insoles. Sachet of garlic, tobacco and onions. And a bunch more - just ask your neighbor!


Safe Home Products sell a variety of repellents appropriate for use in the GARDEN SCENT-ry. Click here to view ORGANIC ANIMAL REPELLENTS. Use the GARDEN SCENT-ry to prolong their effectiveness and to protect your crops and ground water from chemical contamination.


Place your pheromone lures in the reservoir to protect them from the sun and rain. When the beneficials rest on the GARDEN SCENT-ry you can easily move them from one location to another.


Fill the reservoir with beer or a yeast bait to trap snails and slugs. Dig a hole about 1½" deep and 6" in diameter, so the reservoir is partially buried in the soil. This will give snails easy access to the bait.

END NOTE: The GARDEN SCENT-ry was developed with the home gardener in mind. Like your plants and flowers, it needs some attention and should not be left unattended for weeks at a time.

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Garden Scent-ry Selling Points

Before You Buy A Fence - Post A GARDEN SCENT-ry

Protect your garden with an aromatic barrier. More effective than fencing or repellents that need to be applied after every rain or watering.

This device safely holds small quantities of repellents and distributes the aroma just where it is needed without offending the gardener or environment. Made from a special type of plastic, it will last for years and will not absorb the aroma of the repellent.

The concept is simple and the results are fantastic.

  1. This is a unique device for pest control.
    • There is no other device like this - period!
    • Patent is pending.
    • Based on well established science for pest management.
    • Developed by two university professors, it is highly effective and environmentally friendly.
  2. Animal behavior is shaped by smell. When animals know that an area has food, and the area is safe from predators, they mark it and feed. This is why people use coyote urine to repel rabbits.
  3. A Peaceful Solution: the animals are not injured.
    • So, you can watch the rabbits on your lawn, but teach them to leave your plants alone.
    • The neighbors dog may run free, but he can be taught, by smell, to stay off your property.
    • The woodchucks will leave your vegetable plants untouched.
    • The skunks, raccoons, possums, and muskrat are repelled from the areas you protect.
    • Even deer can be controlled by aromatic repellents.
  4. Protects soil, ground water and crops from chemical contamination. Many common household products have strong odors. But these products can contaminate the soils, pollute ground-water and have to be reapplied after they get wet from rain or irrigation.

    Ammonia or moth balls, placed in the GARDEN SCENT-ry give off odors that last a long time. The instructions include a list of repellents. Because the aromatic barrier concept is growing so quickly, we continue to find new recipes and concoctions some of which have been used by farmers and environmentalists for many years.

  5. Illustrations for setting out the GARDEN SCENT-ry Place one GARDEN SCENT-ry at each corner of a small vegetable garden.
    • Hang one to protect a small tree or single shrub.
    • Put four in a row, about two feet apart, to keep pests from entering the property.
    • Stake every six to eight feet when planting seeds or rows of smallplants.
    • Place one on your front step or back porch to repel stray cats and dogs.
    • Stake, place or hang next to your trash and garbage containers.
    • Bring on your camping trip to establish an aromatic barrier around your campsite.
  6. GARDEN SCENT-ry has multiple uses.

    Use it as a slug trap. Just depress it in the garden soil and fill with beer or yeast.

    Use it to attract beneficial insects to the garden by filling it with commercially available pheromone lures. And once the beneficial insects establish a presence, you can carefully pick-up and move the GARDEN SCENT-ry taking the beneficial insects to another location.

  7. Made in the USA with recycled plastics.
  8. The Federal Environmental Protection Agency has granted the GARDEN SCENT-ry an establishment number.
  9. The parts are interchangeable and will last for years - the plastic will withstand heat and cold.
  10. You can use commercially available repellents. These chemicals will not harm the plastic and will last much longer.
  11. The GARDEN SCENT-ry is attractive.
  12. It has a safety screen to protect pets and young children.
  13. Use it outside on the lawn, in the flower garden, in the vegetable garden, on the front steps, on the deck, or in the home. It can be staked in the ground, placed on a hard surface, or hung from a tree or post.
  14. Easy to assemble, easy to fill, easy to empty and easy to clean.
  15. NIAF is a small family owned business dedicated to humane and environmentally friendly approaches to pest management.
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Guidelines for Using Garden Scent-ry
  1. Establish your aromatic barrier early in the growing season. Condition the animals to stay out of your garden. If you don't, they may put your favorite plants on their daily menu.
  2. If your plants are especially attractive to animals, and these pests are not easily persuaded to find other food, you may need to post more than one GARDEN SCENT-ry even in small areas. We once had to use two GARDEN SCENT-rys to protect 6 daisy plants from a very eager rabbit.
  3. Find the route taken by the animal- Place the GARDEN SCENT-ry on the path between the animal's home and the plantings you wish to protect. We successfully used one strategically placed GARDEN SCENT-ry to protect a 16'x 16'vegetable garden from a family of woodchucks.
  4. We encourage you to experiment with repellents. We recommend using a log chart to track your results We offer some solutions we know to have worked - but this does not guarantee they will work for your situation. You may find new repellents that work even better, AND when you do, please let us know so we can tell others about your discovery

PLEASE NOTE- In some instances the control of animals with any form of repellent system is impractical. For example, in some parts of the country deer have over-populated areas and are starving. In these situations solutions often extend beyond the immediate territory and signal problems which require consultation with wildlife managers. We strongly support thoughtful and humane solutions aimed at peaceful co-existence.

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