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Gro-Mat, Heated Seed Mat for Growing Plants At Home
Gro-Mat is a Heated Seed Mat. To Maximize Seed Germination, This Heated Rubber Mat Provides Gentle Heat at Even Temperature for Starting Plants. Get growing with grow mats!

Electric Seed Propagation Mat Starts the Gardening Season Early.

Large heated rubber mats provide the perfect amount of gentle heat. Start seeds at the maximum germination rate with all the root warming advantages.

Tomato Bullet Heated Seed Mat is A Large Heated Rubber Mat that Provides Perfect Gentle Heat Starting Seeds for Maximum Germination.
Tomato Bullet Plant early even in winter and protect delicate seedlings.
Tomato Bullet Grow Your Own Plants. Save Money and Discover New Varieties.

GRO-MAT with Heated Rubber Mat and Growing Rack. Gro-Mat is Pre-Tested and Set to the Correct Temperature for Maximum Seedling Germination. The Heating Mat and Growing Rack are Designed Together So Heat Travels Upwards Through Open Spaces Between the Growing Flat and the Rubber Heated Mat. Heat Circulates into and Through the Soil. The Plant Mat Heating Element Mat Is Thermostatically Controlled to Keep Heat Maintained at a Constant Temperature to Eliminate Electrical Shock and Maximize Seeds Sprouting. HOW IT WORKS: GRO-MAT is pre-tested and set to the correct germination temperatures. The mat and rack were together so warmth travels upward through the open space between the flat and the mat. Heat circulates into and through the soil.

TEMPERATURE: GRO-MAT contains an electric heating element to produce and maintain a uniform radiant heat. This heated rubber mat is thermostatically controlled: the heating mat is maintained at a constant temperature. The heating element is molded within the rubber mat to eliminate danger of fire or electrical shock.

Gro-Mat Heated Rubber Mat with Flower Seedlings. PLACEMENT: Use GRO-MAT in an area not affected by another heat source. Avoid placement near a washer, dryer, television or heater. Keep the mat out of sunlight that comes in through windows. Light helps seedlings from getting too leggy but be careful of the heat effect.

Choose placement of mats carefully. The heated rubber mat can discolor or crack some delicate surfaces susceptible to effects of heat. Place cardboard for insulation under mats placed on surfaces that may or may not be heat sensitive.

MOISTURE: In the beginning of seed germination, kee soil moist and watch flats closely. Added heat causes soil to dry out faster. Drawing of Gro-Mat Shows the How the Custom Plant Rack Fits Onto the Heated Rubber Mat.

  1. Plug GRO-MAT into outlet.
  2. Place seed flats directly on wire cage> For very small containers, place a wire screen or wood slats over the cage.
  3. Water seeds with lukewarm water. (Cold water can kill or stunt seed growth.)
  4. In extreme cold, cover flat loosely with plastic. Make sure there is air between the soil and the cover. Moisture forming on the inside of the plastic is a sign of poor ventilation: raise plastic if necessary.
  5. After plants begin to grow, start new seeds by placing new flats closest to the heated mat. Stack the already-started flats on top.
  6. Remove plants from heat 3-5 days before transplanting. This helps harden the plants to adjust to the cold.
  7. Enjoy your colorful garden, delicious vegetables and heirloom plants.
ETL Approved for US & Canada.
Gro-Mat Regular Size Rubber Heated Mat for Germination of Seeds. This Heating Mat Germinates Seeds at a Maximum Germination Rate.

Regular GRO-MAT: A Heated Seed Mat

Dimensions: 22.25" x 15.25" x 2"
Weight: 6 lbs.
Drawing of Oversized Gro-Mat, Seed Germination Mat. This Super Gro-Mat Ensures Maximum Germination of Seeds. A Heated Seed Mat with Temperature Control.
Super GRO-MAT: A Larger Heated Seed Mat

Dimensions: 38.25" x 17.25" x 2"
Weight: 10 lbs.
ES-GM2 Gro-Mat Germination System, Super Size, 36 x 16 x 1/4 with Frame
Currently In Stock (1/21/2020)
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