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12V Products for On-the-Road:
12V Products for On-the-Road 12V AIR PURIFIERS: Help Keep Vehicles Fresher and Freer of Allergens.:
  Wein Automate Ionic Auto Air Purifier
  Beetle (NeoTec XJ-800) Ionic Air Purifier
  SurroundAir (NeoTec XJ-2000) Ionic Air Purifier
  SurroundAir (NeoTec XJ-2100) Ionic Air Purifier with Fan
  Amaircare XR-100 Circulates and Filters Air
  Amaircare Roomaid 12V Uses Optional Adapter.
Appliances APPLIANCES:
  Air Compressor & Air Inflator 12 V Air Compressor for Vehicle Tires, Air Mattresses, Balls and more.
socket splitter, 12V, wagan quad,three way, socket output, ac dc power adapter, dual, 12 volt, USB Hot Pot Hot Beverages and Soups On-The-Go.
  Heated Travel Mug: Stainless Steel Coffee Mug Uses 12V Socket.
  Jump Start Cars Safely: Auto Jumper and Quick Jumper uses 12V Socket.
Heaters HEATERS:
  Back Seat Heater Plus 12V 1100 BTU Heater by Road Worthy.
  Heated Car Seat Cushion Heats Seat in Moments, Plugs into 12V Car Socket.
Power Inverters POWER INVERTERS:
  Power Inverters (12V to 120 VAC) from Wagan for Computers, TV's, and Appliances.

Air Purifiers:
  Amaircare Roomaid
  Amaircare XR-100 Travel Size 12 V with optional 120V adapter.
  Amaircare 2500, 3000 & 4000
  Amaircare BioChem AirWash for Safe Room, Mail Sorting Station or Clean Room.
  Miracle Air, Hospital Grade HEPA Filtration.
Ionizer Air Purifiers IONIZER AIR PURIFIERS: Use Negative Ions to Freshen Air and to Help Control Mold. Minimal Ozone Production:
  IonizAir (P4620) Ionic Air Purifier, Vertical, Saves Space.
  SurroundAir (NeoTec XJ-2000) Ionic Air Purifier, 110VAC & 12V adaptors.
  SurroundAir (NeoTec XJ-2100) Ionic Air Purifier with Fan
  SurroundAir (NeoTec XJ-3000C) Ionic Air Purifier with HEPA Filter, UV Light & 110VAC.
  Sani-Mate Washroom Sterilizer/Deodorizer by Wein
  EnviroSept Portable Console with Ionizer (110VAC)
Wein Personal Wearable Air Purifiers WEIN: Personal Wearable Air Purifiers:
  Wein Air Supply 1500
  Wein Mini-Mate 150MM
Whole House Air Filtration Units WHOLE HOUSE AIR FILTRATION UNITS:
  EnviroSept by Aqua Air Technology: Di-Electric Polarization with Collector Pads. Slips into Standard One Inch Slots.
  EnviroSept Portable Console with Di-Electric Polorization & Ionizer (110VAC) NEW!
  Sol Aire (110VAC) Whole House Air Cleaner Uses UV Light & and Germicidal Ozone in Central Forced Air Systems NEW!
12V Air Purifiers For Vehicles 12V AIR PURIFIERS For Vehicles:
  Wein Automate Ionic Auto Air Purifier
  Beetle (NeoTec XJ-800) Ionic Air Purifier
  SurroundAir (NeoTec XJ-2000) Ionic Air Purifier
  Amaircare XR-100
  Amaircare Roomaid 12V Uses Optional Adapter.

Pest Control:
Sonic and Ultrasonic Pest Control for Birds, Small Animals, Rodents, Moles, Gophers, Rabbits, dogs, cats Burrowing Rodents and Insects PEST CONTROL for Birds, Small Animals, Rodents, Burrowing Rodents and Insects, Including Motion Activated, Sonic or Ultrasonic:
  Bird-X Quadblaster QB-4 Repeller: Industrial Strength for Bird Control, Bat Control, and Rodent Control.
  Bird-X Critter Blaster: Pest Control Uses Irritating Sounds That Drive Animals, Rodents, and Birds Away.
  YardGard: Electronic Yard Protector. Motion Detector Activated to Keep Dogs, Cats, Skunks, and Other Animals Away.
  Animal Away: Motion Activated Ultrasonic Pest Repeller to Keep Dogs, Cats, Skunks, Rabbits and Other Animals Away by P3 International.
  Scare Crow Hydro Blast: Motion Activated Automatic Outdoor Animal Deterrent by Contech.
  Mini Scarecrow: Motion Activated Automatic Pet Deterrent by Contech.
  Transonic PRO: Multiple Settings to for Pest Control Using Sonic and Ultrasonic Sounds.
Birds, Ducks and Geese BIRDS, DUCKS, and GEESE:
  Bird-X PRO, Billboard PRO and Goose Buster. Industrial Strength Bird Control
  Bird-X Quadblaster QB-4 Repeller. Ultrasonic Industrial Strength Bird Control and Pest Control of Rodents
  Bird-X Ultrason X Ultrasonic Bird Control
  Bird Netting, Spikes, Gel, Scare Devices and Roost Inhibitors
  Bird-X Visual Scare Devices for Bird Control
Insects and Rodents INSECTS AND RODENTS:
vitaminder food scales, digital food scales, kitchen food scales, salter, best food scales, food Itch Zapper: Stop Insect Bites Itch
  Mole Control Mole Stakes: Vibrasonic, Super Sonic Mole Chaser: Repel Burrowing Animals.
  Mole Control Mole Stakes (Solar Powered): SolMate Sonic Mole Stake: Repel Burrowing Animals.
  MoGo Mole & Gopher Repeller: Sonic Mole Pest Repeller
  Transonic PRO: Sonic and Ultrasonic Sounds to Repel Large and Small Pests Including Bats, Dogs, Skunks, and Insects.
  Pest Control (Weitech, Black & Decker): Ultrasonic, Electromagnetic Pest Repellers for Rodents, Bats, and Other Insects.

Pet Products:
Bark Control BARK CONTROL:
  Original Bark Free by Lentek.
  Bark Stop by Viatek.
  Original Super BarkFree Outdoor Bark Control by Lentek.
  Super Bark Stop Outdoor Bark Control by Viatek.
  Dog Dazer: Ultrasonic Dog Repellant & Dog Obedience Training Device
Pet Care PET CARE:
  Lookout Pet Car Seats: Booster Car Seat For Small Dogs and Cats. Increase Pet Car Safety. NEW!
  Pet Brushes by Lentek: Ionic Pet Bath Brushes. Helps Neutralize Pet Odor.
  Pet Dish Automatic Feeder: By Lentek with built in timer for six meals. Works with Wet, Moist and Dry Foods.
  Pet Feeders: Ergo AutoPetFeeders, Automatically Dispenses Pet Food with Programmable Timer.
  Pet Waterers: Ergo AutoPetOasis, Automatically Dispenses Filtered Water.
Yard Scoop Sh-Scoop La Poop
Pet Training PET TRAINING:
  Dog Dazer: Ultrasonic Dog Repellant & Dog Obedience Training Device
Doggie Doorbell Lentek Pet Chime. Alerts Owners to Dog's Needs.
  Pet Agree: Break Pets Bad Habits with Ultrasonic Pet Trainer.
  Scat Mat and Scat Mat Strips: Indoor Pet Control Training Mat by Contech, Keep Pets off of Counters, Couch or Car.
  Tattle Tale Alarm: Keep pets off furniture and counters. Pet alarm startles pets into obedience.
  Mini Scarecrow: Motion Activated Automatic Pet Deterrent by Contech, Automatically Shoots a Blast of Air.
  K9 Heat Alarm Temperature Monitor for Vehicles: Temperature Monitoring System.

Cleaning Supples that Reduce or Eliminate Household Chemical Usage for Safer Living
MicroFiber Products by Simple Clean MICROFIBER PRODUCTS by Simple Clean:
incontinence, medline, bladder, control, problems, protection plus, underpads, disposable, brief Cloths Knit, Waffle, Suede or Eyeglass/CD.
  Dust Sock Mitt
  Looped Micro-Fiber Duster with Handle
  Microfiber Cleaning Sponge & Applicator
  Looped, Terry, & Microfiber Sh-Mop Covers (Dry or Wet Clean)
gas, mask, safe, escape, SafeEscape, oxygen, generating, respirators, self-rescue, fire, ladders, Window Washing Kit Reduces Chemical Usage
Hardwood, Hard Surface, Laminate, and Tile Floor Cleaners FLOOR CLEANERS: Hardwood, Hard Surface, Laminate, and Tile Floor Cleaners:
  Bona Kemi Hardwood & Hard Surface Cleaners & Refresher for Hardwood Floors
Mops MOPS:
  BonaKemi MicroPlus Mop (4" x 15" Base) Microfiber StarFiber Hardwood or Laminate Hard Surface Cleaning Kit
  BonaKemi Mop (8" x 15" Base): Bona Mop with 3 Cotton Washable Covers
  Sh-Mop: Original "SHine-Mop" Mop With 8" x 15 " Base and Washable Cleaning Covers.
  Sh-Wipes: Cotton Terry SH-Mop Covers
  Sh-Duster and Other SH-Mop Covers
German Micro-fiber Cleaning Supplies OKO Clean: German Micro-fiber Cleaning Supplies.

Additional Products Being Researched.

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