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Dog-Off: Ultrasonic Dog Trainer & Dog Repeller
Sorry, Dog Off by Lentek is no longer available.
Safe Home Products suggests:
Dog Dazer or
Pet Agree Dog Training Devices.

Dog Dazer: Ultrasonic Dog Deterrent & Dog Repeller
Dog Dazer by K II is an ultrasonic dog trainer device, dog deterrent and dog repellent device. Curb bad dog behavior. Prevent Dog Attacks!

The DAZER, a hand held ultrasonic dog repellant, is useful for anyone who wants to avoid contact with dogs. The Dog Dazer Dog Repeller is a humane alternative to sprays and other methods to avoid dog bites.

Using the latest ultrasonic technology, the DAZER produces a uncomfortable but not harmful high powered sound, audible to dogs but not to humans.

Helps stop the approach of unwanted dogs at up to 20 feet. The Dog Dazer ultrasonic output startles the approaching dog. The ultrasonic sound causes most dogs to stop, move away, or stay in place. This allows the Dazer user to avoid contact with the dog. Many experts agree that to avoid contact with unwanted dogs, the person must face the approaching animal. Avoid staring at the dog. Do not turn your back and run. Help curb bad dog behavior.

Useful as dog trainer & puppy trainer. Made of lightweight high impact plastic, the DAZER features a metal belt clip, low battery indicator, and a long life 9 volt Energizer® battery. MADE IN USA.

Meter Readers
Sales people
Letter Carriers
Delivery People
Fire / Rescue

Commonly Asked Questions:

  1. Is the DAZER audible to humans?   No. The ultrasonic sounds range is above the human hearing range. Dogs and cats clearly hear the sounds.
  2. What is the effective range of the DAZER?   The DAZER works to deter animals in the 15 to 20 foot range. For best results, activate the DAZER when you first see the dog, even at 30 feet or more. This added alert helps deter the dog.
  3. Will the sound work through glass or a fence? No. Hard surfaces reflect sound. Sound is reflected by hard surfaces. Sound will not penetrate glass, a closed door or a solid fence. The DAZER sound can be directed through chain link fence openings or between fence slats.
  4. How can I know if the DAZER is working? Look for a red LED on the top of the DAZER when the button is depressed. If the red light will not light, the battery is low or the DAZER is damaged.
  5. What is the battery life? Normally, the DAZER battery last for about one thousand, one second activations or a year or more for most users.
  6. How do you change the battery? Turn the DAZER over. Remove the 2 screws. Replace with a new Eveready Energizer® 9 volt alkaline battery or equivalent. Do not use heavy duty, rechargeable or general purpose 9 volt batteries.
  7. Can the DAZER help stop a dog from barking? Yes, the DAZER can be used in dog training. Use the device repeatedly adding a verbal command such as "Be Quiet." Repeated efforts may result in training a dog not to bark. Also get the dog's attention to help curb bad behavior.
Dimensions: 4.5" x 2.125" x 1.25" (L x W x D)
ES-K2-DAZ Dog Dazer II Ultrasonic Dog Repeller
Currently In Stock (8/27/2016)

ES-K2-DAZ-Q10 Dazer Ultrasonic Dog Repeller 10 PACK
Currently In Stock (8/27/2016)
Available = 2

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Cat & Dog Pet Agree
Pet Agree Pet Trainer by K II is an ultrasonic dog obedience training device for many pets. Great for puppy training, dog training or to improve dog behavior. Ultrasonic Dog Training, Puppy Training & Pet Training Device

Pet-Agree, Pet Trainer.

The PET-AGREE is perfect for any person who loves their puppy, dog or cat, but wants help in breaking pets bad habits, or teaching pets a new command.

Pet owners, groomers, kennel operators, veterinarians and animal control officers agree that the PET AGREE Dog Trainer is a safe, silent, effective and humane enhancement for dog obedience training and cat training. The PET-AGREE is a humane alternative to shock collars, choker chains, electric mats, rolled up newspapers or physical force to emphasize commands to your pet.

Made of durable, high impact ABS molded plastic, the blue PET-AGREE comes with a belt clip for convenience.

Ultrasonic Sound Makes Pet Training Faster and Easier

At the click of the PET-AGREE Pet Trainer, a silent, humane, high frequency sound is emitted that will help emphasize verbal commands of pet owners and trainers. Clearly audible to dogs and cats, the sound cannot be heard by people. Use of the PET AGREE can reduce training time of dogs and cats from months to just weeks and, in some cases, even minutes.

The PET-AGREE gets the attention of your pet in much the same way your voice does. The distinct PET-AGREE ultrasonic sound helps keep the attention of your pet. Dog obedience training requires that dogs pay attention to the trainer. Using this device helps encourage the dog to maintain eye contact so you can tell if the animal heard your command. Helps curb bad dog behavior.

Test the unit. Point the PET-AGREE toward your dog or cat. As you give a verbal command, press the PET-AGREE button for one or two seconds. Make the dog sit, down, quiet, etc. The pet should respond better to your command. Repeated use of the PET-AGREE in this manner will help reinforce pet training efforts.

Commonly Asked Questions:

  1. Is the PET-AGREE audible to humans? No, the sound is in the ultrasonic range, above the human hearing range, but dogs and cats clearly hear it.
  2. How far away does the PET-AGREE have an affect? Generally PET-AGREE works best as a training aid in the 5 to 15 foot range.
  3. How can I know if the PET-AGREE dog trainer or cat training is working? The diagnostic red LED on the top of the PET-AGREE lights when the button is depressed. The LED will not light if the battery is low or if the PET-AGREE is damaged. battery is low or if the PET-AGREE is damaged.
  4. What is normal battery life? Under normal conditions the PET-AGREE is good for about one thousand one second activations, about a year or more in normal use.
  5. How do you change the battery? Turn the PET-AGREE over and remove the 2 screws. Replace with a new Eveready Energizer® 9 volt alkaline battery or equivalent. Do not use heavy duty, rechargeable or general purpose 9 volt batteries.
  6. Can the PET-AGREE help stop a dog from barking? Yes, by repeated usage and adding a verbal command (such as "be quiet") you may be able to train a dog not to bark.
  7. Will the PET AGREE Dog Trainer help deter an unfriendly or aggressive dog? Yes, simply point the PET-AGREE toward the animal and activate for 2 to 3 seconds.
Dimensions: 4.5" x 2.125" x 1.25" (L x W x D)
Click Here to Compare the Dog-Off to the
BarkFree: Bark Activated Sonic Corrector.

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