Following are just some of the ways you can use and enjoy TV Ears:
Understand every word on TV
Enjoy rich TV sound
Perfect for people with hearing
No more loud TV volume
Stop disturbing others
Perfect for normal hearing
His and hers for the bedroom
Enjoy TV together
Perfect for the living room
Late night TV
Use in public facilities
In autos and RVs
With video rental
For guests
Kids' bedrooms
TV video games
Home stereos or portable audio
Home computers, and
Many more uses
TV Ears is a Doctor Recommended TV Listening Device.
TV Ears is a hearing device for your television. TV Ears took a hearing aid circuit, put it into a wireless headset, gave it 120 decibels of power, and a volume, tone, and balance adjustment. So even people with a severe hearing loss will hear every word clearly. It’s all about hearing what people on television are saying: every word, every syllable, every sentence and doing it without disturbing others with loud television volume. So if you want to enjoy listening to TV at your own volume, without missing dialogue, and without disturbing others with loud TV volume then TV Ears are for you!
How does TV Ears work?
TV Ears uses wireless 95 kHz infrared technology to transmit sound from your TV to the TV Ears headset. The TV Ears Transmitter takes the sound from your television, converts it into invisible infrared light, and sends it to the TV Ears headset. The TV Ears headset captures the invisible infrared light and converts it back into sound.
•    Hearing Enhancement Technology: This is a special circuit that automatically amplifies hard to hear speech frequencies and lowers overwhelming background sounds and music so it’s easy to hear every syllable, word, and sentence spoken on television.
•    Automatic Commercial Control: This is a special circuit that automatically stops loud commercials so you won’t get blasted with sound when a commercial starts.
•    Powerful Amplification: Most headsets only amplify up to 50 or 60 decibels but we realize that’s not enough so we gave TV Ears 120 decibels of power.
•    Volume, Tone, & Balance Controls: These adjustments allow you to fine tune the sound just the way you want it from the comfort of your easy chair.
•    Wireless 95 kHz Infrared: Provides safe, wireless, and superior sound quality without interference or frequency drifting.
•    Comfortable Lightweight Design: It must be lightweight and comfortable or you won’t wear it for very long. The TV Ears lightweight under the chin design provides hours of comfortable use. Once you experience the under the chin design you will never go back
•    Rechargeable Battery: The environmentally friendly rechargeable battery will provide up to 2 years of hassle free battery power and save you $50 per year in replacement batteries.
Take TV Ears to the Theater
The Americans with Disabilities Act of 1992 requires theaters, courtrooms, museums and other similar public venues to install transmitting systems compatible with systems like TV Ears so that anyone in the audience can hear the sound using their TV Ears headset. Therefore if you are going out to a Broadway play or to see a show in Las Vegas or to see a production in your hometown, simply grab your TV Ears headset and go. If they transmit their sound via a 95 kHz Infrared you are all set.
TV Ears are a great gift idea:
TV Ears are perfect gifts for families, parents, guests, and children! TV Ears systems are perfect for people who wear hearing aids or have a hearing loss and are suited for anyone who wants to enjoy TV at their own volume- including parents who want their children to enjoy TV, cartoons, videos, games, without "sharing" the sound with the whole house!
Additional headsets for more people
TV Ears offers two ways for your entire family to enjoy a full listening experience - (1) TV Ears Dual Headset Systems and (2) extra headsets for your TV Ears system. Our dual headset systems and extra headsets are a great idea for those moments when having additional headsets allows everyone to enjoy TV at their own volume . And
you’re not limited to two headsets - you can have any number of headsets receiving the same signal, allowing everyone to enjoy TV together.
Frequently Asked Questions:
1.     What is the Warranty?
TV Ears comes with a 1 year warranty and a Lifetime Service Guarantee . If a product is defective or breaks it will be repaired or replaced at no charge during the first year. The Lifetime Service Guarantee promises that we will repair your TV Ears for $35, exchange your headset for a new headset for $59, or exchange your complete system for a new system for $99 for as long as you own your TV Ears.
2.     How does TV Ears work?
Doctor recommended TV Ears uses wireless 95 KHz infrared technology to transmit sound from your TV to a 1.6 oz headset. You can listen to television at your own level while others
may adjust the volume to fit theirs.
3.     Will TV Ears work on any TV?
Yes, TV Ears will work on any TV in the world with regular TV, Cable TV, Satellite, or basic TV. TV Ears installs in minutes and works with any VCR, DVD, video game system, and stereo systems.
4.     What if I wear hearing aids or have a hearing loss?
Hearing aids are not always effective for watching television, which is why many hearing professionals are recommending TV Ears as a complement to hearing aids. Doctor recommended TV Ears has the power to satisfy the needs of people with mild, moderate and severe hearing loss. You’ll hear every word clearly and never disturb others again with loud TV volume.
5.     Can others watch TV at a normal volume level?
Yes, the volume of TV Ears works independently from the volume of the television set. Family members can set the TV volume at any level (loud, low, and muted) while TV Ears user(s) can listen at their own comfortable level.
6.     How long does the battery last and when do I change the battery pack?
A fully charged battery will last up to 10 hours. The rechargeable battery is included and will last a long time - usually several years. You can buy a new battery by ordering directly from our site, calling us toll free at 1-888-883-3277. or by visiting an authorized TV Ears
7.     Can 2 people use TV Ears at the same time?
Yes, TV Ears allows two or more headsets to work with one transmitter. To use TV Ears throughout your home, consider purchasing additional transmitters and headsets for other rooms.
8.     Can the headset bow arms be adjusted?
Yes. The headset bow arms are made from an extremely flexible synthetic material and can be easily adjusted. If the bow arms are putting too much pressure on your ears, then flex them outward and hold them in that position or use a book to hold them in the flexed position.Repeat this process until the bow arms fit the way you like.
9.     What is the wireless coverage area?
Up to 900 sq ft. or 50 feet line-of-sight. This is sufficient for almost any home.
10.   Where do I go for help with repairs, installation, or general questions?
Call the TV Ears toll free hotline 1-888-883-3277 . Operators are standing by to help you with your warranty and repair needs, or to answer any questions you may have about how to hook up or use your TV Ears.
11. Will TV Ears work in Movie Theaters and Play houses?
Yes, TV Ears operates at 95 kHz which is compatible with most movies and play houses. While it works in most places, TV Ears does not guarantee that its products will work in all public places. Check with individual places to verify system compatibility.