The Electronic Ultrasonic Pest Repeller is a new revolutionary invention that has produced an innovative breakthrough in rodentand pest control...
HOW DOES ULTRASONIC TECHNOLOGY WORK?: The ‘Electronic Ultrasonic Pest Repeller’ emits a fluctuating ultrasonic sound from higher to lower fre­quencies. This allows the device to target different pests. Generally, lower ultrasonics affect larger mammals such as mice and rats, while higher ultrasonics are more dis­turbing to smaller pests, such as various insects. Pests can not tolerate this constantly changing environment, which causes them to leave the area.
WILL IT AFFECT PETS and APPLIANCES?: No. It will not affect computers or appliances. PR30 generates ultrasonic waves which are above the hearing range of humans, dogs, cats, fish and birds. These ultra­sonic frequencies CAN be heard by rodent pets such as, hamsters, gerbils and rabbits. However, by positioning the unit in an area away from the rodent pet, you may not cause it discomfort.
HOW MANY WILL I NEED?: This device transmits sound up to 500 sq.ft. Most houses will need multiple units throughout the home for adequate effectiveness. Since each home is different, place the device in the most problem area and monitor the results.
HOW QUICKLY WILL I SEE RESULTS?: Allow up to 60 days for satisfactory results. Glue boards and/or traps may be used to help during the initial clean­up period. After results have been obtained, keep the device plugged in for continuos protection.
Simply plug the device into an unobstructed wall outlet in the room to be covered by ultra-sonic sound power. Coverage in a room can be improved by bouncing the sound off reflecting objects such awalls, mirrors, cup­board doors, appliances, etc… Obtaining a ricochet pattern will increase effective coverage. The ultra-sonic sound benefits will be effective throughout the living area of the home, only if doors are left open. Ultrasound can not transmit through walls and doors. There will be a stronger effect of ultrasound within the room where it is placed. If you would like additional ultrasound protec­tion, we recommend you purchase an additional device
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We recommend placing the unit in the one room where you have the great­est pest problem or a centrally located position within the home. Plug multiple units in opposite sides of the room or in unprotected rooms. Multiple units will create a ricochet effect with the sound.
Ultrasonic waves travel in straight lines like audible sounds, echoing off non-absorbing materials. Sound absorbing materials such as carpets, drapes and soft furni­ture will reduce the Pest Repeller’s range. ‘Shadow’ areas may occur around corners or in nooks and cran­nies where the sound waves can not hit.
Ultrasonic Pest Repeller
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