Digital Bird Repeller
Prepare for Successful Bird Control
Bird-X, Inc. has been recognized worldwide as the bird control x-perts for 40 years. We have become experts through extensive experience and research. As a result, we are happy to analyze problems and make recommendations based on each customer’s specific situation and needs. In addition, we provide the following recommendations for greatest success, even before activating the repeller.
Survey the birds to determine flight and time patterns, entries and exits, and nesting, feeding and roosting habits. This will suggest the unit placement, speaker direction and time of operation you should choose. Make educated guesses as to where the birds will go when they are repelled from their current infestation, and consider additional units to cover these alternative areas.
Remove inducements. Clean the area of all evidence of birds: nests, fledglings, droppings, dead birds, and the residential scent. (Adult birds are likely to return to their young in order to protect them or to assist them in leaving the area.) Remove food spillage, garbage, nesting material and other appealing items.
Maintain a clean and changing environment. Periodically clean the area of nests and droppings, relocate or reposition the unit, vary the output, or turn off the unit for a short time.
Install early, before “bird season” begins, as it is easier to keep the birds away than to rout them out once they have established a living pattern.
Use products synergistically. We have included three visual scare devices because their use with this machine will produce a synergistic effect -- i.e., in combination, the products will yield much greater effectiveness than the one alone. Contact us if you have any questions on these “companion” products.
Recording Switches:
1, 3, 5 and 6 to “ON” position
Plays Sounds 1, 3, 5 & 6
“OFF” position “ON” position “ON” position “OFF” position “ON” position
(Medium), every 1 to 4 minutes
Operates during daylight hours only In random, non-sequential order
Your complete BB–Pro kit includes a control unit, power adapter and four speakers. Open the con­trol unit by lifting the two latches on the side of the enclosure.
Cable Strain Relief
The unit has a volume control dial for the sonic (audio) sounds on the front panel of the unit. Turning the dial toward LOW will result in reduced sound output and rotating the dial toward HIGH will result in an increase in sound output.
CAUTION: Take care when turning the dial since the unit may be in an inactive state when the dial is rotated. It could then reactivate at a very high level of sound which could be painful to your ears.
Fig. 1
The power switch enables the unit to operate. Slide the switch to the ON position to start the unit. If you turn the unit OFF, be sure to leave it off for about 30 seconds before turning it back on to allow the electronics to properly reset.
Pri or to operation, route the speakers an d power cab les from their respective jacks on the control pan el down through the cable strain reli ef in the lower part of the enclosure, as shown in Fig. 1.
IMPORTANT: Be certain that the power switch is in the OFF position and the audio volume control is set to the minimum (LOW) audio volume level (coun­terclockwise) as shown in Fig. 2 while plugging the speaker and power cords into the control unit.
Unit is on, but no sound is heard
• Check volume settings
• Check time of operation settings.
• Check that at least one sound is selected to play.
Unit is on, but plays
the same sound over
and over, regardless
of settings
• Reset the unit by turning it off for 30 seconds and then back on
Unit is not operating
properly in the DAY or NIGHT mode
• Double check Mode switch settings
• Make sure photocell is not obstructed
• Make sure the photocell is not affected by bright lights in either the front or the back of the unit.
i nw
Audio Volume
Sonic and ultrasonic sounds sequence through all four speakers. Sonic sounds play according to the programming options you choose. Ultrasonic sounds are always active – day and night – regardless of programming, however they won’t play during the sonic sounds.
Limited Warranty
1)  Use the mounting hardware (included) to mount the control unit box to a wall, post or other vertical surface.
2)  Plug the power adapter into an electrical outlet. The other end of the cable should already be plugged into the power jack located above POWER JACK on the front panel of the control unit box.
3)   Speaker positioning: On a billboard or sign, you will most likely want to position speakers in between the double-sided sign, or in the back of a single-sided
This BB-Pro unit is warranted against defects in material and workmanship for six months from date of purchase (extended warranty available). Bird-X will replace or repair, provided defect occurs under normal use. Units also carry a 30-day performance guarantee. If user is not satisfied with results, unit may be returned within 30 days for credit less a 15% handling and restocking charge. Returns accepted only with authorization from our Chicago office.
300 North Elizabeth Street • Chicago, IL 60607
ph. (312) 226-2473 • fax (312) 226-2480
Toll Free US & Canada 800-662-5021
EPA Establishment Number 075130-OR-001
BB–PRO P/N #655-0047-00 rev. A (01-28-05)
sign. Place two speakers high and two speakers low. Position them either in the center facing OUT or on the outside edges facing IN and ACROSS the sign. In this manner, birds will be constantly “exposed” to the greatest sound diversity without too much physical obstruction. If you’re not sure exactly where you will want the speakers, we suggest temporary installations with wire ties until you determine where you will want them permanently.
If the infestation is on a tower, awning, rooftop or anyplace else, follow the rough guidelines above: put some high and put some low, and have them face different directions for greatest sound variety.
4)   Set the switches as desired. (See “PROGRAM­MING YOUR BB–PRO” for complete details on how to program your bird repeller.)
5)   Make sure the volume setting is set to LOW (all the way counter-clockwise).
6)   Slide the SOUND FREQUENCY switch to the HIGH position. The unit will immediately turn on.
7)   Adjust the volume to the desired level.
8)   Close the cover and latch shut.
recommend several sounds, including at least one of the distress cries (switches 1 & 2), at least one of the predator sounds (switches 3, 4 & 5) and at least one of the harassments (switches 6, 7 & 8). We also recommend varying your choices periodically for greatest effectiveness.
Mode Min
Short             17 sec
Medium 1 min
50 sec 4:15 min 10:00 min 30 min
B L IRD o # n 1 g
B X IRD L # o 3 ng
5:00 min 10 min
The two “Time” switches are
located just under the Delay
The Mode Setting Switches set the various modes of operation: such as the amount of time between playing bird distress calls, when the unit will operate (day only, night only, or 24 hours), and whether the unit will operate in the random mode or normal mode.
Switch Mode or Function
1             Sets the Delay Period
2             Sets the Delay Period
3             Sets the Time of Operation
4             Sets the Time of Operation
5             Turns Random Mode On or Off
Rem em be r, whatever your choices, the B e I R m D t # r 4 aso ni c sounds are always active.
DELb b Ai i r r d d Y # # 7 8 SW I TCHES
The two “Delay” switches are located just below the Bird switches in the switch array. When the unit is set to one
switches in the switch array. ‘Night Only’ operates the unit at night and ‘Day Only’ operates the unit during the day. However, the photocell that senses the sunlight is susceptible to bright lights. Take care not to have bright lights shining towards the unit since this can prevent the unit from operating properly. In ‘24-Hour Mode’, the unit will operate continuously, regardless of the time of day. To set the Time period for the unit to operate set switches 3 and 4 in the Mode Function settings to the following:
Switch 3 Switch 4
ON             OFF
OFF             ON
OFF           OFF
Day Only 24-Hour Night Only
RAND B O IRD M #1 OPERATION SWITCH The “R B B a I I R R n D D d # # 2 3 om switch is the bottom switch in the sw B Bi I It R Rc D D h # # 4 5 array . When operating in Random Mode, B B t I I h R R D D e # # 6 7 un it will randomly play the selected recordings in non-sequential
To program your BB–PRO unit you will need a small screwdriver, toothpick, or other small, rigid object to move the switches in the switch array. The switch array is the switch bank located in the
of the various Delay modes, the unit will delay a number of seconds or minutes between recorded sounds. The SHORT setting is appropriate for testing, but is NOT recommended for long-term success. Please note that the unit will play all of the selected recordings (either sequentially or non-sequentially, depending on the Random Mode) then it will go into a delay. The time the unit stays off depends on the Delay and the Random Mode settings. If the unit is operating in Random Mode, the unit will delay anywhere from the minimum value to the maximum value for that Delay setting. If the unit is not in Random Mode, it will delay only the minimum value. To set the Delay period (or delay interval), use the following settings on switches 1 and 2 in the Mode Function settings.
order. When the unit is not operating in the Random
Mode, the unit will play the selected recordings in a sequential order. The Random Mode is recommended to keep birds from adapting to a preset pattern of sounds. To operate the unit in Random mode, set switch 5 in Mode settings as follows:
Switch 5 Mode
ON                 RANDOM (Mode ON)
OFF               NOT RANDOM (Mode OFF)
The ultrasonic sounds play regardless of the other setting you choose. HIGH, MED and LOW refer to the frequency of the ultrasonic sound waves. We recommend you begin on LOW, and then vary between the three every so often (during routine maintenance, for example).
top left corner of the unit (under “PROGRAM”). A switch is ON if
the switch is moved to the right-hand side. The switch is OFF if the switch is moved to the left-hand side.
The Sound Setting Switches are the first eight switches in the switch array, and set the sonic (audio) sounds only.
1  Starling / Pigeon I
2  Gull / Pigeon II
3  Peregrine Falcon
4  Sharp-shinned Hawk
5  Cooper’s Hawk
6  Harassment 1
7  Harassment 2
8  Harassment 3
Switch 1 Switch 2
Delay Period
Extra Long
Each I s M E witch has a recording number to the right of it t D h O a M t co rr esponds with the descriptions listed on the foil label inside the unit. We strongly