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BirdNet PE-Plus Instructions
HOW TO INSTALL: Each job is different and demands some on-site ingenuity. The four most common application techniques are pictured below.
How long will netting last ? Once installed, durability will depend on the amount of exposure to sunlight. The netting is stabilized with chemical additives designed to give up to several years effective life.
Where has BirdNet been used? Among satisfied users are Arlington Park Race Track, Kansas City Airport, McGuire AFB, Langley AFB, Lesters, Inc. (modular agricultural buildings) and many others.
How do you cover widths wider than the width of the netting? Jobs requiring wider widths can be easily handled by running a wire and using polyclips to fasten net to both sides, or by splicing net together manually using a high quality UV treated twine and a plastic needle.
Call us at 800-662-5021 to get a BirdNet installation video, or to discuss visual or sound repellers, both of which work well in conjunction with BirdNet.