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EarCheck: Electronic Ear Infections Detector (HH-ECK-100)
EarCheck device uses painless sound waves to check resonance of the ear drum.  An eardrum that vibrates poorly may have fluid behind it. Fluid behind an eardrum may indicate otitis media or a middle ear infection that causes an ear ache. The EarCheck™ Otitis Media Detector helps parents detect ear infection or ear ache early. In otitis media, fluid collects in the middle ear causing ear ache often seen in a child who tugs at his ears. The EarCheck™ objectively and painlessly confirms the presence of middle ear effusion (fluid collection in the middle ear). Middle ear effusion may be associated with acute ear infection that cause ear ache.

Left untreated, severe ear infections can lead to permanent hearing damage. The EarCheck™ Monitor reliably detects middle ear fluid in seconds helping parents decide if and when to call their physician.
Invest in the EarCheck™ if you want to:
  • Avoid needless emergency room visits
  • Avoid screaming children in the middle of the night
  • Avoid missed work for perhaps unneeded trips to the doctor
  • Be reassurance that a cold does not involve the ears.
  • Have a way to track the progress of an ear infection.
The EarCheck is designed for use on children from age 6 months to young adult.

In the last decade, otitis media became the number one reason for doctor visits among preschool-aged children. Middle ear fluid is often called the "hidden disease" as it can exist without signs of ear infection.
Earcheck is a detector for ear infections that cause ear ache. The Earcheck uses painless sound waves to check for fluid behind the ear drum. Fluid can be an indicator of an ear infaction. Inset the tip of the Earcheck device into the ear canal. Check for Middle Ear Fluid Often Indicative of Ear Infections.    
Middle ear fluid presence over long periods of time can cause cause hearing impairment. The ear drum does not resonate properly. Hearing impairment can result in delayed speech, language and cognitive and motor skill development problems in children.

DO NOT USE EarCheck™ for these persons as the EarCheck™ may give an incorrect reading.
  • NOT FOR:Children under 6 months of age.
  • NOT FOR:Children with ear tubes (ventilation tubes).
  • NOT FOR:Children with water in the outer ear such as swimmers ear.v
  • NOT FOR:Children with known perforation or rupture of the eardrum.
  • NOT FOR:Children with facial or ear deformities.
  • NOT FOR:Children with visual drainage of pus or blood in the outer ear canal.
  • NOT FOR:Adults.
Operation of the EarCheck™ is simple. The EarCheck tip slips into the ear. Push a button. The child hears a chirping noise. Within five seconds, the Earcheck gives a reading.

The chirping noises are sound waves generated into the ear channel. Sound waves reaching the eardrum cause vibrations of the drum. Vibrations signal the brain. The brain translates these vibrations into an incredible range of sounds. Some sound waves bounce back off the vibrating eardrum. When middle ear fluid is present, the eardrum's mobility is decreased: there is a change in the amount of sound waves that bounce off of the ear drum.. The lack of mobility is one reason why hearing loss occurs during ear infections.

The EarCheck™ measures the sound waves that bounce back from the eardrum. If the monitor reads "Green, Level 1," that indicates the eardrum is functioning well. There is a very high likelihood that the middle ear is free of fluid. The "Red, Level 5" light means the eardrum is not moving well. There is a high likelihood that there is fluid in the middle ear and the child needs to be examined by a physician. A red or yellow light might not mean an infection. Even if there is an ear infection, it might be viral and not require antibiotics.

If there is an ear infection, the parent can check the child's ears on a daily basis and determine when the ear is free of fluid. Often children do not complain of ear pain. Checking for ear fluid means checking on the progress toward recovery.

The Earcheck might seem expensive. Calculate the cost in bills and lost work time from one unnecessary visit to the physician.

If a medical professional confirms a possible ear infection, a parent can monitor a child's recovery or lack of recovery from both viral and bacterial infections by using the EarCheck. With drug resistant bacteria more common, the EarCheck™ gives parents a means of determining whether a child is having a positive response to prescribed medication.

If you desire additional information about your child's ear condition. Safe Home Products ® also carries an EarScope™ to permit visual inspection of your child's ear. It is also useful on your pet's ears.

One Year Limited Manufacturers Warranty.
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